Ashima is a brightly-painted Indian tank engine, who works on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. She was one out of many engines to participate in the Great Railway Show, and competed in the Shunting Challenge, and of whom Thomas is very close friends with.


Ashima first came to Sodor from India, she bumped into Thomas and puts him back on the tracks and Thomas and Salty meet Ashima while Thomas bumped into Porter and Ashima searched everywhere and she will go to the railway show. That evening, she took Annie and Clarabel out with Thomas behind them. The next day, Diesel tells Den, Dart and Paxton to push while Thomas crashes into Norman. Ashima came to the railway show to see Thomas while the shunting competition begins with the international engines, while Vinnie forced Philip onto a turntable and Thomas and Ashima save him and he crashed into the electricity and it fell off.

She and Thomas returned to Sodor with the Sudrain engines. The other engines should be changed to normal again and when he is fully repaired and Thomas goes back to his branch line and Ashima should go back to India again. Show Thomas is brother and ashima is sister


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