The twenty-second season (going under the name Big World! Big Adventures!) of Thomas & Friends is expected to be released in 2018 on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Production Edit

Season 22 will mark the first major "reboot" of the franchise since the show switched to full CGI in the thirteenth season. The episodes will keep their eleven minute-long runtime, but will now be broken into seven minute-long stories, with an additional four minutes reserved for a variety of segments like sing-along karaoke songs, music videos or Thomas talking directly with the audience about lessons learned during a particular episode. Among many other changes, Edward and Henry will be removed from the Steam Team to make room for Nia and Rebecca, and the narrator has been replaced with Thomas talking to the audience (however, Mark Moraghan has said that he will still work on the series).

Season 22 will be set after Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie. The season will be split into two halves; the first half will see Thomas travelling around the world and visiting India, Australia, China and Africa, while the second half will take place back on the Island of Sodor. The season will also be released on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in the fall of 2018.

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Episodes Edit

  1. Philip and BoCo
  2. James' Lucky Day
  3. Come on Daisy
  4. BoCo's New Driver
  5. A Bad Day for Gordon
  6. Danger Points
  7. Rings a Bell
  8. Nia Pulls the Express
  9. Devil's Back
  10. Mountain Engine
  11. Percy's Discovery
  12. Smudger Returns
  13. Bad Look-Out
  14. A Happy Day for Trevor
  15. The Big Accident
  16. Elizabeth's Nightmare
  17. The Diesel Comes Down
  18. Emmett the Railbus
  19. Emmett and the Eels
  20. Rusty and Stepney
  21. Crosspatch
  22. Marion's Tortoise
  23. Super Rescue
  24. Ashima Comes Back
  25. Grumpy George
  26. S.C. Ruffey V.S. Bradford
  27. Edward and the Zebra
  28. Max or Monty
  29. Ashima's Surprise
  30. Special Christmas Letters
  31. Daniel and the Christmas Rescue
  32. The Christmas Carol
  33. Gina's Letters
  34. Philip's Christmas Race
  35. Special Surprises
  36. Ashima the Number 15 Engine
  37. Thomas and Neville
  38. Max and Monty of the Uploading Dumping Rocks
  39. Catch of the Day
  40. Rebecca and the Flying Kipper
  41. Nia Pulls the Mailer
  42. The Chinese Visit
  43. Edward and the Express
  44. The New Great Western Engines
  45. More Busier Then Ever Before
  46. More Numbers
  47. Runaway Rheneas
  48. Thomas in China
  49. Thomas in India
  50. Thomas in Africa
  51. Thomas in Australia
  52. Henry and Phillip
  53. Mighty Mac Returns
  54. Rebecca's Special
  55. Nia and the Coaches
  56. Ashima Gets Painted Blue
  57. A Even Big Steam Team
  58. The New Steam Team
  59. Luke's Lucky Day
  60. Yong Bao Comes to Sodor
  61. Paxton takes it too far/Helpful Paxton
  62. Ashima's Number 7
  63. The Return of Flying Scotsman
  64. Down by the Docks
  65. Harvey in the Pipe
  66. We Need More Engines
  67. Scotsman Helps Out
  68. Naughty James
  69. Slow Down Emily
  70. Mixed up Green Engines
  71. Percy is Late
  72. Diesel's Mud Muddle
  73. Salty's Halloween
  74. Emily's Halloween Party Special
  75. Nia's First Halloween
  76. Ashima's New Pink Bow
  77. The Jack O'Lantern Express
  78. Edward and Henry Come Back Home
  79. Twenty Engines in the Sheds
  80. Rex Confesses Christmas
  81. Ice Tracks
  82. A Cold White Christmas
  83. Carlos's Number 1
  84. Frieda's Number 2
  85. Missing Ace
  86. Ashima and Millie
  87. Snow Storm
  88. Gordon's Gift
  89. A New Shed for Beau
  90. Ashima Returns for Christmas
  91. James' New Job
  92. Henry At Shining Time
  93. Sodor Snow Day
  94. Rebecca Moves In
  95. Oliver and Arthur
  96. Fergus Helps Out
  97. Philip and the Volcano
  98. Frank and Jock Break The Rules
  99. Skarloey Gets It Wrong
  100. Steam Team To The Rescue!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first and only season to not feature a narrator.
  • This is the first season since Season 19 to feature episodes running for 22 minutes long.
  • The first season with 100 episodes