• Loco123456

    Hello everyone!

    I just want to let everyone know that I've got a new story, called "All About George: A New Beginning".

    In the story, George and his owner Janer are having problems finding a place to work permanently after Jane's business is forced to shut down. They try the Crocks Scrapyard, McColl Farm, and finally the Sodor Construction Company. But can George and the other machines get along, or will George and Jane be back on the road again? Find out in this journal, written in George's point-of-view.

    Here's the link to the video:

    Trivia: The story makes a reference to the 1999 script of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

    Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed.

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    ep. 1 the friends situation

    part 1 hearing the news thomas. percy nevil long time no see man what's new.

    percy. well after sodor shut down we had no where to go and now we are here.

    nevel yeah wow I remember when we were passengers.

    thomas. come on man we were best friends.

    percy. YEAH, but we split abart now.

    Thomas. well it's good to see you to again I'm asuming that you and lady are a you know. so guys uh why do you guys look sad.

    percy. well uh it's that well uh uh it's that uh well were're leaving tomorrow so we can't hang out.

    thomas. WAIT WHAT LOok percy ok this is what we wanted all are life after we left sodor.

    percy/. well I better be off I don't wanna miss my flight.

    thomas. wait what flight.

    percy.look well it's that I'm leaving to go to …

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    the big conclusion

    later at knapford. 

    mellard. oh so your the engine that is new to the island what's your name fellow engine.

    zoom zoom. weel I'm a new engine and my name is zoom zoom the high speed engine cousin of vorno and creeken.

    mellard. well I know why they would call them vorno and creeken but seriesly zoom zoom what are you a trafic engine. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    spencer rolls in.

    spencer. ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha ha same this is funney zoom zoom ha ha.

    zoom zoom. ha fine I',m leaveing ha what about that I'm off to tell the fat.

    sir tophamhat. HEY WATCH IT MR.

    zoom zoom. as I was saying I'mm leaving to tell the controller.

    he was off.


    zoom zoom. hey sir sir I need you to help me with somthing very important.

    sir topham…

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    at a subway.

    diesel 1(from sodor.) well sir tophamhat I need to know somthing and that thing is well 1 why did you send me to the works and 2 why are we at a subway.

    sirtophamhat. well those are good question well 1 you were sent to the works because you needed to get new subway wheels and 2. you're here because well I'm getting new engines.

    sir tophammhat. hey uh well where are you sir caprid.

    creeken. oh hi sir uh what's your name uh don't need to tell me your guy that you need.

    sir caprid came out of his couch.

    sir caprid. oh sir top hat well let's chat.


    sir caprid. well uh  it's setteld you can take him right now.

    sir tophamhat. well we have a new track just for subway engines so he will run on it so yeah it runs from knapford to marron. …

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    list of season one episodes.

    1. a feduarry engine. febuarry 1

    2. valentine valentine. febuarry 14

    3. the un high speed engines part one. febuarry 18

    4 the un high speed engines part 2. febuarry 19.

    5. ready eddy go. febuarry 21

    6. the engines at the sheds. fevuarry 26

    7. a yawn for sickness. febuarry 30

    8. the dockside engine. march 1

    9. you can't always get what you subway. march 5.

    10. the wrong stop. march 10

    11. your the greatest for the job. march 15

    12 are you 18 march 18

    13. this aint no place for a engine from the contry. march 20.

    14. a opertunity of a lifetime. march 23

    15. locked in the sheds. march 25.

    16 bye. march 28

    17. a life without him. march 30

    18 a subspect at the station. april 2

    19 it's been so long april 5

    20 we need you. april 9


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  • Owen thomas wiki

    vorno and creeken

    January 1, 2014 by Owen thomas wiki

    there are L M S


    they are subway engines. that's why they have s w on them.

    there are not engines from the railway.

    yes I made it from the program paint.

    just like the rules you have to get permission from you to use this engine.


    toby's home bound (he will apier later in the movie)

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    later that night iat the sheds it was new years eve.

    toby. wow I'm glad that I was not takein away.

    thomas. yeah I don't know what I would do forever without you toby AKA my friend.

    meanwhile at knapford yards.

    diesel 1. great let's start the attack so we may invad the railway known as sodor.

    diesel 2. wow you don't know this is sodor.

    mellard pulled up.

    tram 1. oh hey look at a new member.

    and so disel 1 and 2 plus tram 1 with the assistents of mellard were off.


    alfrid and judy  were getting scraped for there bad behaver.

    judy. oh why oh why why did this have to happen to us we need light can't breath.

    alfrid. no n no not judy why why why why did she die well now that I say it right now it seems I have a crush on her or, do I I don't know. …

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    warning contains real engines that are from Thomas but have not been made yet and engines made up.

    diesel 1 and diesel 2, woo wow Thomas uh well we did not see you there.

    Thomas, well diesel 1 and 2 man I know what you guys are up to don't play dumb with me I saw everthing.

    tram 1. well uh just so you know uh uh hi 2 3 4 5 and 6.

    tram 3. stop playing dumb with us we know you guys are out for no. 7

    Thomas. wait uh who are they.

    tram 6. well we are trams 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 the other ones are toby and 8 9 and 10.

    disel no. 2. well uh Thomas may you go away, most likely tidmounth sheds.

    Thomas. ok there I will tell everyone about your plan.

    Thomas was off.

    all the engines at the sheds are. all of the steam team and the new engine timothy.

    Thomas puffed into…

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    later that night.

    percy and james. wow toby, what was that for. hey what was that for perjames. ok now you get it. u u u u u u u u u u u u u.

    Thomas. stop it. well toby has something he wants to say.

    toby. well uh all I can say is uh well I'm uh I can't say it.

    Thomas. ok toby well what he's trying to say is he's leaving sodor.


    toby. wow I'm surprised Gordon and james need him. wow.

    Thomas. well I have to take a Christmas spaical.


    diesel 1. well tram 1 it's a great plan for you to get toby off the railway so tat Thomas and percy would leave to. brilient great awesome idea.

    diesel 2. yeah great where did you come up …

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    Narrator. Toby used to work on a railway with his 6 brothers. he was the last one to be built. now on sodor, he works on Thomas's branchline. one day toby said that he would never ever leave Thomas's branchline. that could one day change. one day on the island of sodor,

    Thomas. shunt my coaches percy, I don't want to be late

    Percy. I don't have time to do it right now! just relax.

    Thomas. I cant calm down because its Christmas eve! and my train has to be at the station at exactly 7 o'clock.

    Toby. will you guys stop fighting! its Christmas eve

    Narrator. sir tophamhat came up

    Sir tophamhat. will you stop your arguing, I have a big announcement

    Toby. what is it?

    Sir tophamhat. the flying scottsman, the big city engine, and a tram engine are coming ov…

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    skarloey. what's that over there.

    join thomas and his narrow gauge friends in a all new adventure.

    owen. what ever it is show them what you got.

    with new friends.

    thomas. hi  travis

    travis. oh are you looking for somthing.

    nail. hiiiiiii

    travis. he's stupit

    blue mountain mystery 2 blue mountain murdurer.\\comming sson

    this has been trailer 1 out of 5

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    thomas. next up.

    gordon. really you want to do that.

    thomas. I can't help it.

    gordon. oh really.

    thomas. oh like it matters.

    meanwhile at the sidings

    .diesel number 1. well this is it.

    diesel number 2. yeah well lets get it.

    later at the sheds.

    thomas. I bet this new engine is a bad engine.

    james. relakes and enjoy.

    the new diesel puffed in.

    the new diesel. hello I'm crazy.

    thomas. yeah with his face.

    crazy. no I mean my name is crazy and by that I mean I was named crazy for how I look.

    crazy left the sheds.

    thomas. well I'm glad he is gone, yeah I hate him.

    to be comtinud in partb two.


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  • BP1992

    No Blog Necessary

    February 24, 2013 by BP1992

    I don't need a blog. I have the whole wiki to do what I like to do. 


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  • SirHandelFalcon

    This is a fan-fic I came up with while I was remaking the D10 chase scene with my Take-Alongs & well this will be posted up on this website, here are some quotes I made for the Fan-Fic:

    James: Thomas we got to get out of here before we get scrapped!

    Thomas: I know we need to find an exit, surely Diesel 10 has an exit or else he would be scrapped already!

    So I want to hear some of your ideas which I can add to the story line.

    Revealed Characters:



    Diesel 10

    The next update will be in early May which means more quotes & characters revealed! Until then if you have any ideas then post a blog comment of your idea:)!


    It is now early May so here are some more quotes & new characters revealed! :)

    Bertie: Hey Thomas want to have a race??


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  • Gordonfan

    TinierMe account!!!!!

    September 25, 2010 by Gordonfan

    this is the link to see my TinierMe page!!!!

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  • MinaTheJapaneseEngine



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  • MinaTheJapaneseEngine

    Dream 1

    July 9, 2010 by MinaTheJapaneseEngine


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