DC Super Friends Mini Pack is an upcoming pack. It is a exclusive to San Diego Comic Con. It is featured along with SpongeBob SquarePants. It is a 56 mini pack.


  1. Thomas as Superman
  2. Thomas as Batman
  3. James as The Flash
  4. Percy as Robin
  5. Charlie as The Riddler
  6. Diesel 10 as The Joker
  7. Spencer as Cyborg (black and clear smoke box)
  8. Millie as Harley Quinn
  9. Iron 'Arry as Shazman!
  10. Paxton as Lex Luthor
  11. Sidney as The Penguin
  12. Henry as Green Arrow
  13. Emily as Wonder Woman
  14. Gator as Green Lantern 
  15. Stephen as Senistro
  16. Millie as Catwoman
  17. Thomas as Brizzo
  18. Edward as Black Adman
  19. Gordon as Darksied
  20. James as Brainic
  21. Percy as Revere Flash
  22. Toby as Blue Bettle
  23. Bill as Clayface
  24. Ben as Plasticman
  25. Emily as Posion Ivy
  26. Spencer as Doomsday
  27. Rosie as Supergirl
  28. Rosie as Starfire
  29. Rosie as Hawkgirl
  30. Hiro as Bane
  31. Ferdinand as Martain Manhunter
  32. Scruff as The Atom
  33. Belle as Raven
  34. Belle as Batgirl
  35. Porter as Captain Cold
  36. Gator as Killer Croc
  37. Samson as Black Manta
  38. Diesel as Two-Face
  39. Diesel 10 as Solomon Grandy
  40. Salty as Aquaman
  41. Flynn as Firestorm
  42. Luke as Beast Boy
  43. Victor as Hawkman
  44. Troublesome Truck as Scarecrow
  45. Thomas as SpongeBob
  46. Gordon as Squidward
  47. Percy as Patrick
  48. Toby as SpongeBob
  49. Emily as Pearl Krabs
  50. Spencer as Gary
  51. Bash as Mermaid Man
  52. Porter as Barnlance Boy
  53. Diesel 10 as Plankton
  54. Paxton as The Flying Dutchman
  55. Millie as Sandy Cheeks
  56. Skarloey as Mr. Krabs

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