Daniel is a tank engine who is Duck's best friend in the sixth season of tales on the rails (do not edit page)


Tales on the Rails

  • Season 6 - , Duck's New Friend , Duck and the Best Friend, Daniel and the Coach , Daniel and the Christmas Rescue , Philip's Christmas Race (​cameo) and Special Surprises (cameo)
  • Season 7 - Daniel and the Big Bully, Vinnie Bullies Philip (stock footage), Daniel And The Spotted Creature
  • Season 8 - The Rocket Returns , Sir Topham Hatt's Vacation Pt 1,2,3
  • Season 9 - Milo's Big Mistake , Daniel And The Lost Engine , The Race Around Sodor , Autumn's Coach , The Speed


  • The Case Of The Missing Crystal
  • Quest For The Colours
  • Wendell And The Lost Railway
  • A Tale Of The Extrordinary Engines

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Daniel Colavito (US)
  • Rob Rackstraw (Quest For The Colours Only)
  • John Hasler (UK/AUS)