Edward is the same color as Thomas and the same size as James. He is a mixed traffic engine like James and pulls both coaches and trucks. Sadly, Edward is old and often looked down upon by the other engines. But every engine no matter how old wants to be really useful and when push comes to shove, Edward will prove that despite his age, he is still capable of a decent days work. One day, Sir Topham Hatt walked happily up to Tidmouth Sheds. He had great news.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: The Beatles will be having a concert at Great Waterton. They will perform at 9pm sharp. They need a special train to take them there. The engine who has been the most useful will have the privledge of taking them to the concert.

Edward beamed. The Beatles was his favorite band.

EDWARD: I want to take them.

Gordon sniffed snootily.

GORDON: they won't travel with an old engine like you!

EDWARD: Stop teasing, will you?!

GORDON: Edward, stop getting stressed and annoyed at me, I was just kidding with you.

JAMES: Yeah, it was only a joke!

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Please, stop that Edward!


Edward kept getting annoyed and stressed

THOMAS: Hey Edward could you please stop that!

PERCY: Keep your voice down please!

EDWARD: It's not my problem!

DONALD: Quit it!

DOUGLAS : Please knock it off Edward, you're giving me a headache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDWARD: i can't see The Beatles

EDWARD; i want to hear them !

HENRY: Look, I know you want to see the Beatles, but you got to calm down, okay? <p style="text-align: justify;">EDWARD: I'm trying to, but it's not helping at the moment! <p style="text-align: justify;">Arry and Bert arrived and were very cross with Edward

ARRY AND BERT: Knock it off now!


so Arry and Bert shunted Edward to the scrap yard

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Hey you engines can't scrap Edward even he is disturbing to peace

ARRY AND BERT: oh really?!

SIR TOPHAM HATT:no you you cannot i will save you Edward

Edward was still very annoyed that he couldn't see The Beatles but he was also greatful because Sir Topham Hatt was saving him

EDWARD: oh thank you Sir!

after Sir Topham Hatt had saved Edward

Edward puffed sadly away. He saw the Troblesome  trucks in a siding they teased him about what was bothering they made  Edward very.cross he biffed them very hard and they fell into the duck pond        TROUBLESOME TRUCK:oh no!      

SPENCER: Wow! I didn’t know Edward could be so violent with Troublesome Trucks

Bertie passed Edward when he was crying and even very annoyed with him Diesel' Paxton and Norman just honked there horns laughing at Edward

EDWARD: I may be old, but i still want to see the Beatles!

SPENCER: I know you do, but you might if you can. 

DIESEL:Edward's a cry steamie ha ha ha its stupid to watch a steamie cry ha ha ha ha!

EDWARD: Shut Up you stupid diesel or will will push you off the rails, and in to the smelting shed and scrap you!

EDWARD: Spencer's just a rude engine He never lets me have fun.

PAXTON: Don't listen to Diesel, Edward.

NORMAN: It was absolutely Gordon's fault to make you get annoyed.

Edward sadly puffed on. He found Sir Topham Hatt at Knapford Station. He looked cross and Edward was scared when he found out Sir Topham Hatt was cross.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Edward you aren't a really useful engine you are a really useless engine so no concert for you!.

Edward was furious after Sir Topham Hatt said that.

EDWARD: What?! Sir, that's not fair at all

DICK: Your coaches are at the scrappyard!

SIR TOPHAM HATT :Or your yelling at me I've had it!

SIR TOPHAM HATT: That's enough of you

EDWARD: Will I be sent away?

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Yes of course you will!

EDWARD: Why would you do that?!

Sir Topham Hatt sent Edward to the docks

THOMAS: wheres Edward?

SIR TOPHAM HATT: i sent him away for yelling me

THOMAS: but i thought hto you

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Edward even though you got a bit annoyed but you can even still go to the concert

EDWARD: i can?


Edward was very happy after Sir Topham Hatt said that

EDWARD: Thank you Sir!

Thomas and his friends were surprised when they saw Edward

THOMAS; i thought you were sent away

EDWARD: i was

EDWARD: everyone im sorry for getting annoyed and stressed.

at last it was time for the concert

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Edward your a really useful engine so your going!

EDWARD: Yay! im going to the concert

After the concert the Fat Controller spoke serverly to Gordon.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Gordon you have been rude to Edward. no wonder he got annoyed and stressed.


SIR TOPHAM HATT: everyone is reponible for what they do

SIR TOPHAM HATT: for your punishment, after you and the other engines see the Beatles at the concert, you will not be going to the next concert on Sodor

GORDON: Oh' The Indidnity

so Gordon didn't get to go to The Next Concert on Sodor you may think that Gordon threw a tantrum as big as Edward's but thats another story