Emily's Big Adventure Movie is a It will Be a 70 minute special of Emily! released on June 3rd, 2018.


Songs Edit

  • Emily Sung By Edward and Samson
  • All Hail the Queen Sung By Emily, Molly, Ashima, Gina, Frieda, and Marina the Queen Engine
  • The Truth of All Sung By Emily and Lady
  • You Will Obey Sung By Lady, Molly, Jasiri, Poney, Marina the Queen Engine, Ashima, Gina, Liz, and Reginald
  • Somebody Has To Be the Favorite Sung By Thomas and James
  • Who's Thomas? Sung By Beresford, Emily, and the Troublesome Trucks
  • Love Will Find a Way Sung By Lady and Thomas
  • Days in the Sun Sung By Lexi

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