Gordon is a big express engine. He is strong and very fast. But sometimes Gordon likes to show how strong and fast he is, which can sometimes lead him into trouble. One day, the Railway Choice Awards came to Sodor. The Railway Manager came to Tidmouth Sheds.  

RAILWAY MANAGER: The Railway Choice Awards have come to Sodor. Mallard' Manny and Malcolm will be hosting it. At exactly 9:00 pm, the ceremony will take place. I need you all to be there. Oh and I almost forgot, the biggest award this year will be the award for Fastest and Best.     

The Railway Manager left. Gordon was excited. 

GORDON: Srongest and Best! That’s me! 

THOMAS:  im much strogner!

PERCY: You have to get me his autograph. Signed Percy the Small Engine! 

EDWARD: Uh….Percy! He doesn’t have hands. 

PERCY: Oh yeah! Right!    

Gordon imagined seeing the Mallard giving a speed demonstration. The RT News Reporter walked up to him. 

MANNY: And there he is. Our very own Mallard . You haven’t been to Sodor in years. What’s the first thing you plan on doing? 

MALLARD: Well I want to say thank you to all my fans and friends. But what I really want is an express demonstration from that incredible engine from Sodor who won the choice award for fastest and best.  

MALCOLM: Well you’re in luck because here he is! Gordon, the fastest and best and pulls the express. Any tips on pulling the express, Gordon? 

GORDON: The first rule in pulling the express is that you have to be loud, fast and grand. You have all three of those qualities. So be prepared for the pull of your life.     

That night, The Railway Manger introduced Mallard. 

RAILWAY MANGER: Staff and engines, introducing our host, Mallard! 

MALLARD: Good evening everyone! I am happy to be here tonight. I will hosting the awards for the event.     

The lights came on and the whole area was illuminated. Mallard addressed the first award to start the ceremony.  

MALLARD: And our nominees for  Blueist Engines are……….Gordon , Thomas the Tank Engine, Edward, Fergus, Belle, Timothy,Wilbert, Hank,Jaakko, Sidney, Migty Mac and Sir Handel.     

He announced the winner. 

MALLARD: And the winner is…………..THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE!!!!    

Thomas puffed up. 

THOMAS: I’d like to thank Sir Topham Hatt and all my fellow railway companions. I am  a really useful engine  indeed. im Thomas and im the number 1 blue engine

Thomas puffed off.

Mallard announced several more awards. Thomas won the award for best branch line. Molly won the award for biggest female engine , much to Emily’s disappointment. Duncan  won the award of being the best whistle engine. Salty won the award for best truck shunting record. Though he is old and stricken in years, he still talks about it. Then it was time for the Really useful  award. 

MALLARD: we have a really useful engine here and thats Thomas   

All the engines cheered for Thomas. 

PERCY: Way to go, Thomas my best friend

DEREK: Tell him I said What’s Up, ok!  

MALLARD: As you know, it was his brother, Flying Scottsman’s idea. So without further to do, lets introduce the fastest and best award.      

Sir Topham Hatt seemed a bit discouraged as he held the winning name up to Mallard’s face, then Mallard’s jaw dropped . 

MALLARD: Uh……….. 


MALLARD:Thomas the the tank engine!! .    

Said the Mallard bitterly. Gordon cheered, oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t chosen. Molly who was there, puffed up beside him. 

MOLLY: Uh…..Gordon! It’s not you! 

GORDON: What!    

Then he looked up to the front. Thomas,the  tank engine was puffing up to accept the Express.

THOMAS: Oh I can’t believe it! 

DEREK: That Little Blue Tank Engine won. 

CECE: Great! The award is the Express 

MANNY:your going to use The Express line 

Gordon was shocked Thomas was going to use his express line 

Thomas smiled

THOMAS: Thank you all very much. I may  be little but im very storong  and Im  sure , i can pull the express

MALLARD: now you can pull more coaches then ever!.  

THOMAS: there not too heavy for me

No one cheered. Save the diesels.  

THOMAS:  but what will happen to my branchline and who will pull Annie and Clarebel?

MALLARD:Percy will work on your branchline and pull Annie and Clarebel

GORDON: your not strong enough to pull the Express

GORDON:Thomas is just being cheeky

THOMAS:i am strong enough

THOMAS: i may be small but im not a toy

Gordon watched as Thomas was coupled up to The Express

THOMAS:Express coming through!

THOMAS:out of my way you big blue steamie! GORDON:Hey!

THOMAS: i am strong enough Gordon even though im small

GORDON: im stronger then you

THOMAS: even though im a tank engine im much stonger then you and im also much grander then you

THOMAS: Out of my way Express coming through!.

this made Gordon very cross'

GORDON:Hey thats my job not yours!

THOMAS:i can pull the Express to0

GORDON:those are my coaches give them back!

Thomas didn't hear Gordon and he went on his way he stopped at a station and picked up some passengers and left when Gordon saw Passengers in the Express coaches he was furious

GORDON:  give me back my passengers!

THOMAS: i won  the Express  and all of your passengers

GORDON: im suposed to do that

THOMAS: No i am

GORDON: thats not fair at all you little weak tank engine! Moz could see Gordon was upset

MOZ: can i help you Gordon?


MOZ: is there something bothering you?

GORDON:yes its that Thomas won the award for storongest engine at The Ceremony

MOZ:come on Gordon can you at least be a good sport?

GORDON:but The Express is my job thats whats makes me useful

MOZ; yeah Gordon but stop being a poor sport there is no need to be a poor sport winning isn't everything

GORDON: i wil pay Thomas back for winning

MOZ: No Gordon please don't do that

but it was too late when Gordon saw Thomas pulling the express he was angry and got right behind them and bumped them hard

GORDON: Hey Give me back my coaches right now!

Thomas didn't hear Gordon because he was pulling 50 Express coaches

Gordon became so cross that he bumped Thomas very hard

THOMAS:what was that!

Thomas sped by very fast when Percy saw him he was surprised

PERCY:thats stange Thomas never goes that fast he's going even faster then Gordon does

THOMAS:wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! nellie!


Thomas was speeding up The Narrow Gauge railway

he flew by Skarloey

and rocketed past Rheneas

and raced by Sir Handel

they were amased

Mavis was also on the same line as Thomas she had overheated her driver and fire man were talking about how to get her to The Dieselworks as fast as they could.Thomas was coming her way

Thomas tried to warn Mavis with his whistle but he couldn't because Gordon bumped him so hard that his whistle had come loose


THOMAS: Watch Out Mavis!

Thomas swerved into a siding away from Mavis

Thomas tried to put on his brakes but it was too late Thomas smashed the buffers and derailed




then Mavis puffed up crossly to Gordon


then Sir Topham Hatt arrived he was very cross

SIR TOPHAM HATT:Gordon you have caused confusion and delay and made Thomas derail now his buffers are damaged. he won the express this year!

GORDON:but the express is my job!

RAILWAY MANAGER:i know Gordon it ussally is but this year Thomas won

then Moz puffed up he was also very cross

MOZ: Gordon you should have listened to me Thomas is know seriously injured and you could have killed all of the passengers!

then Gordon began to cry

GORDON:wahhh! and don't want to kill anybody i just want to pull the express

then Moz looked at Thomas

MOZ;don't worry Thomas i will find Rocky

Soon Rocky arrived to lift Thomas back onto the track he was very cross too

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Gordon your grounded!


SIR TOPHAM HATT: yes you are Gordon go to your shed!


GORDON: i have jobs to do

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Thomas will do your jobs!

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Thomas Gordon is grounded so once you have been repaired you will do Gordon's jobs

then Gordon began to cry again

GORDON:wahhh! and don't my tender want to be givin to Thomas i also want the express back

ROCKY:im also warning that your tender that you will be govin to Thomas if you keep being a poor sport

ROCKY:what you did to Thomas was very serious

after Thomas was lifted back onto the tracks he tried to move but he couldn't so Rosie shunted him onto Duck's flatbed

THOMAS: thank you Rosie

ROSIE: your welcome Thomas

later that day Duck was takeing Thomas the the Steamworks on his flat bed

when Duck saw Gordon he stopped he was also very cross

DUCK: Gordon what the heck were you thinking?!

GORDON:i was thinking that Thomas is too weak to pull a bunch of Express Coaches

DUCK:No he's not. even Rosie pulled The Express once

GORDON:Rosie. but she's so small and she's a female engine

DUCK:i know Gordon but she is very strong

GORDON:sorry Thomas very very sorry

then Thomas forgiave Gordon:

THOMAS: thats okay but you should me more careful of what you do to an engine

GORDON: i will i will

THOMAS: yay!

GORDON: i have Annie and Clarbel


  • This story was a parody inspired by the Arthur Season 6 episode, The Good Sp. 


  • No announcement is made to Derek that Spencer and the diesels had cheated. Somehow, he already knows.
  • Why couldn't Derek tell Sir Topham Hatt.
  • With all the rushing around Thomas proofed that he can be stong,  

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