James is a  tender engine he has six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel,a short stumpy boiler,and a short stumpy dome

James thinks no engine works as hard as he does he loves playing tricks on them including Gordon the biggest and proudest engine on the track James liked to tease Gordon with his whistle

JAMES:wake up lazybones do some hard work for a change you can't catch me. and James ran off laughing insted of going to sleep again Gordon thought how he could get back at James

next morinng James didn't wake up his driver and fireman couldn't make him start people were waiting but the coaches wen't ready JAMES:oh dear oh dear

James yawned

James fussed into the station where Gordon was waiting

GORDON:hurry up you!

JAMES:hurry up yourself!

Gordon began making his plan to teach James a lesson for teasing him almost before the coaches had stopped moving Gordon reversed quickly and was coupuled to the train

GORDON:get in quicky please!

Gordon started so quicky they forgot to uncople James. Gordon's chance had come

JAMES:i shall never be the same agin my wheels will be quite worn out

COACHES:you can't get away you can't get away

at last they stopped at a station

GORDON:well James now you know what hard work means don't you

poor james couldn't anser he just puffed slowly away to rest and had a long long drink

JAMES:maybe i don't have to tease Gordon to feel important


  •  Insted of Thomas gets tricked its James gets tricked. .


  • Thomas is green insted of blue when He and Henry are getting teased by James

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