Jinty and Pug are two LMS tank engines from the Other Railway. They are friends of Percy.

Bio Edit

They were borrowed from British Railways to run the North Western Railway while Sir Topham Hatt's engines visited the Mainland. Jinty ran Thomas' Branch Line while Thomas was away and also helped the latter when he crashed into some buffers.

It is possible that Percy knows them from taking trains to the end of the line and telling the other engines stories, like at the beginning of Percy Takes the Plunge.

Basis Edit

Jinty is based on an LMS 3F 0-6-0T. Pug is based on an LMS 0F Kitson 0-4-0ST. Their names originate from their classes' nicknames "Jinty" and "Pug".

Livery Edit

Jinty and Pug are painted in British Railways unlined black livery. Jinty has the BR logo painted on his side tanks.

Trivia Edit

  • In the second illustration of The Fat Controller's Engines, Jinty and Pug are not illustrated with faces.

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