New Friends for Thomas is an upcoming CGI DVD. This DVD introduces some new friends.


PEEP! PEEP! It's so busy on the Island of Sodor that Sir Topham Hatt needs to bring some new engines to keep the railway running smoothly. That means new friends and adventures for Thomas. Climb aboard and meet them all. There is Scruff, a scruffy engine who works at Whiff's Waste Dump collecting garbage all our the Island has ever seen. Meet Charlie, the purple engine who tells jokes to everyone; and a new friend Porter, who's working with Salty and he ruined a celebration and an oil delivery when he tells tales of Porter and Cranky. Don't forget a propeller engine Hugo the new big propeller engine who is fast and friends with Skiff, meet Philip the boxcob diesel who races with Gordon. Meet Bradford, the brake van, who works with Samson and Thomas and the troublesome trucks. Meet Thomas' new friends.

Episodes Edit

  1. Thomas and Scruff
  2. Play Time
  3. Away From the Sea
  4. Bradford the Brake Van
  5. Engine of the Future
  6. The Little Engines Who Raced Ahead

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Five New Engines in the Shed Song
  • Thomas' Anthem Grand Finale Song
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Scrapbook (Version 3)
  • Guess Who Puzzles - Thomas, Spencer, Harvey and Salty
  • Trailers - Day Out with Thomas, Steamies vs. Diesels trailer, Thomas VHS/DVD 2002, Journey Beyond Sodor trailer and Wooden Railway


  • Skiff was on the description, although he appears on the Extraordinary Engines trailer and Sir Topham Hatt's Scrapbook, and he does not appear in any episodes 
  • Extraordinary Engines Trailer said coming soon, but it was past seven months. 
  • Steamies Vs. Diesels Trailer said coming soon this May, but it was past twelve years ago.

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