Percy The Musical will air on 8th August 2017

Episodes Edit

Season 1

  1. Percy The Pirate Engine
  2. Space Percy Takes The Pizza To Space
  3. Percy Goes To The Seaside
  4. Percy and the Goldon Funnel
  5. Bothersome Brothers
  6. Percy and the Circus
  7. Percy Dates Gina
  8. Percy Gets Maried
  9. Sir Tophan Hatt Snesses
  10. Percy The Cowboy Engine
  11. Trucks Of Tomatos

Songs Edit

  • I'm a Pirate Engine Just For Today Sung By Percy and Jerry the Shark
  • I'm Delivering the Pizza to Space Sung By Percy
  • Percy's Seaside Trip Sung By Thomas
  • I Want The Golden Funnel Sung By Percy
  • Outta the Way Sung By Calvin, Eddy, and Wilfred
  • Tip Top Thomas Sung By Thomas and Percy
  • I'm Dateting Gina Sung By Percy and Gina
  • I'm Getting Maried Sung By Percy and Gina
  • I Don't Want To Sness Sung By Sir Tophan Hatt
  • I'm a Cowboy Engine Just For Today Sung By Percy and Gina
  • I'm Pulling Truck of Tomatos Percy and Emily

Characters Edit

Characters Introduced Edit

  • Liz (Percy's sister)
  • Jerry the Shark
  • Roggey the Alien
  • Calvin (Thomas' brother)
  • Eddy (Thomas' brother)
  • Wilfred (Thomas' brother)
  • Mzingo the Vulture
  • Mwogo the Vulture

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