Racing Adventures is an upcoming DVD.

Racing Adventures

No Title

September 24th,
2016 (US)


Ready set go! Thomas and his friends with twelve episodes. The race is on. Meet the engines on Sodor with trophies, racing flags, winners and more. Meet Philip a new boxcob diesel engine who races Gordon and meet Glynn who wins races with Stephen. All aboard with Thomas and his friends who win the games and races. The engines win races on Sodor. On your mark, get set, go!

Our Story Stops Are:Edit

  1. The Christmas Coffeepot (Mark Moraghan)
  2. The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead (Mark Moraghan)
  3. Race to the Rescue (Michael Brandon)
  4. Don't Go Back (Michael Brandon)
  5. Up, Up and Away (Michael Brandon)
  6. Flash Bang Wallop (Michael Brandon)
  7. Timothy and the Rainbow Car (Mark Moraghan)
  8. Thomas and the Runaway Car (Michael Brandon)
  9. Thomas and Bertie's Great Race (George Carlin)
  10. Thomas and the Jet Engine (Alec Baldwin)
  11. Follow that Flour (Michael Brandon)
  12. Hooray for Thomas (Michael Brandon)

Learning SegmentsEdit

  1. Spot the Differences - Thomas and Stanley
  2. Fun Times with Percy (Percy and the Oil Painting and The Green Controller)
  3. What Does Thomas Feel?
  4. What's Diffrent at the Station?
  5. Getting There - James, Toby and Thomas
  6. What Can Cool the Children Down?
  7. Paint a Picture
  8. Guess the Engine - Emily
  9. The Earl's Quiz - Shapes, Animals and Colors
  10. Share the Track
  11. Pushing and Pulling
  12. Thomas Finds Mavis

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Learning Segments
  • Character Gallery
  • Sneak Peeks


  • The back cover are from Henry Gets the Express and Diesel and the Ducklings. All these episodes are not on this DVD.
  • Douglas and Rajvi are on the back cover. They do not appear in any episodes. Donald made a cameo appearance in Thomas and the Jet Engine.

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