Season 19 will contain 26 episodes.


  • Telling Tales - Who's Geoffrey? and The Truth About Toby
  • Fenders Keepers - Lost Property and Henry Spots Trouble
  • Lost and Found - Toad and the Whale and Very Important Sheep 
  • All at Sea - Salty All At Sea and Den and Dart 
  • Slowly Wins the Race - Slow Stephen and Two Wheels Good 
  • Competing Engines - Reds vs. Blues and Best Engine Ever 
  • The Race is On - The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead and Philip to the Rescue
  • Christmas Time - A Cranky Christmas and Snow Place Like Home 
  • Spooky Snow - Helping Hiro and The Beast of Sodor 
  • Tis a Season to Be Jolly - Diesel's Ghostly Christmas
  • Rescues and Water - Rocky Rescue and Wild Water Rescue (coming soon)
  • Teamwork Engines -The Other Side of the Mountain and Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt (coming soon)
  • Helping Everyone - No Help At All and Thomas the Babysitter (coming soon)

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