Season 21 is an Upcoming season in 2017 animated by Jam Filled Entertainment.

Episodes Edit

  1. Hasty Hannah - a new coach comes to the railway to temporarily replace Henrietta.
  2. Dowager Hatt's Busy Day - Dowager Hatt takes Sir Topham Hatt's place for the day, but confusion, delay, and trouble kicks in.
  3. Emily in the Middle - Emily gets trapped in the middle on the bridge of Ulfsted Mine.
  4. Rosie's New Livery - Rosie gets a new paint job so that the Troublesome Trucks don't recognize her.
  5. The Piggy Pond - Farmer Trotter asks Percy and Charlie to watch over the pigs in their mud pond.
  6. Thomas Won't Lose - Thomas tries not to get beaten by Diesel 10, who uses illegal fuel to win.
  7. Ashima Returns - Ashima comes to work on the railway and saves Thomas from the Troublesome Trucks.
  8. Stuck in the Hills - When Daisy thinks Harvey is crazy on crates, she gets stuck on a hillside by a big crate.
  9. Emily and Edward
  10. Super Rescue
  11. Mountain Engine
  12. Bad Look-Out
  13. Danger Points
  14. Devil's Back

Songs Edit

  • Let's Set Friendship Into Motion
  • Come for the Ride (different footage and choir)


Duck, Oliver, Toad, Donald, Douglas and Flying Scotsman are also likely to appear.

Characters Introduced Edit

  • Hannah

Trivia Edit

  • This season will contain the 500th episode of the show.

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