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A humanizied story of the T&F characters and their lifes in high school. WARNING: Some mature stuff mentioned.

Chapter 1Edit

Thomas slowly pulled himself out of his bed, the summer holidays had ended and now it was back to school, or to him, prison.

"Thomas!" called a voice, it was his mother. "Get dressed and come down for breakfast."

The 16 year old walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out a black t-shirt, a blue hooded jacket, with a yellow number one on the back, and a pair of light grey and red track suit bottoms. He got dressed into his clothes and grabbed his blue trainers with the grey laces. Soon he was fully dressed and made it out of his messy room, into the corridor. He chose to ignore the fact that his black hair was in a complete mess.

He sprinted down the stairs and into the kitchen, his mum lay down a plate of toast at the table beside his dad who was reading the newspaper. His13 year old twin sisters, Annie and Clarabel were already there.

"Toast and tea is on the table Thomas," said his mother kindly.

"Thanks mum," said Thomas as he grabbed the plate and mug. Quickly, he drank the tea and ran off with the toast in hand.

"Where are you going?" asked his dad.

"To the bus stop, I'm meeting Percy there." said as he grabbed his school bag. pulling the strap over his left shoulder, and above his right so that it ran across his chest diagonaly, before running out the door.

"Bye Thomas!" shouted his sisters.

"Bye!" He said, as the door slammed shut.

Thomas ran down the road towards the bus, a boy wearing a green hoddie with a yellow six on the front, green trousers and trainers stood with a back pack.

"Hi Thomas." said Percy cheerfully.

"Hey Percy," replied Thomas. Percy had been his best friend for as long as he could remember.

"You ready for this?" asked Percy.

"Since when am I ever ready for prison?" replied Thomas.

"Good point." They both laughted at the joke as the bus pulled up. It was a red Regal London Country Bus, the driver always made sure that it was working and was a good friend of the boys. Both of them got on board.

"Hi Bertie," they said.

"Hello you two, looking forward to going back to school."

"I'd be lying if I said I did." said Thomas, as he and Percy sat down.

Soon, they were at school. Thomas and Percy said bye to Bertie and went off. They walked towards the entrance, where two boys sitting on the bench, one was wearing a blue shirt with a yellow two on the front, the other was wearing a dark brown jacket and a brown shirt with a yellow seven on the front, grey trousers and black trainers.

"Hi Edward, Hi Toby," said Percy.

"Hi you two," said Toby.

"You guys got your timetables?" asked Edward.


"Then lets get them," suggested Toby.

"Hey there's Gordon and Henry," said Thomas. Walking towards them were two boys. One had blonde hair was wearing a white t-shirt under a denium blue selveless jacket with a small yellow four on the left, blue jeans and grey boots, the other had black hair a green jacket with a yellow three, green trousers and trainers.

"Hey guys" said Henry, everyone replied.

"Come on, I want to find out when I'm doing sports," said Gordon.

"Shouldn't we wait until James and Emily show up," said Percy.

"Where are they anyway?" asked Thomas.

"Most likely behind the school making out a again," replied Gordon, "You know those two can't keep their hands off each other."

Everyone laughed.

"Come on, lets get our timetables" suggested Edward, "We'll find them latter."

Soon, they were waiting in line for their timetables outside the office. There they saw a boy with black hair with red streaks through it, wearing a red jacket with a yellow five, black trousers and boots. he was holding hands with a girl who had black hair, wearing a green shirt and a black skirt, black tights and heels. The guys smiled at the schools most romantic couple James and Emily. They had been together for as long as anyone could remember and held the record for longest couple.

After a while, everyone had their timetables and was discussing their lessons.

"Yes! Yes! YES!" yelled Gordan, clearly happy, "Triple sports first thing today."

"I've got double science, first," said Emily, "Then drama."

"I'm sitting next to you in science, babe," said James, flirtaously.

"Me and Thomas have science first as well," said Percy, before sighing at what was next "Then I have maths."

"Percy, if you need help, I can help," suggested Toby.

"Thanks Toby."

Suddenly, the Headteacher, Sir Topham Hat, nicknamed The Fat Controler by the students for obivous size. However, he was highly respected by most of the students, because he was a firm but fair head.

"Ah Thomas, I've been looking for you," said STH.

"Yes sir?"

"We have a new student joining us today, I would like you come to my office to show her around because you share the same timetable for most of the lessons."

"Yes sir."

TFC then walked away. Everyone then focused on Thomas.

"So Thomas, do you want to know all of the romantic spots?" asked Emily.

"What?" asked a shocked Thomas, "I'm just to show her around, not date her."

"Yeah, Emily is already chaseing me," said Henry, everyone laughed expect Thomas, who was now bright red.

Not wanting to listen to the other jokes, Thomas quickly left for the heads office. As he neared, he saw someone he didn't want to see. Ahead was a girl with red hair and freckles, wearing a pink shirt, a dark red skirt, and red stockings, and lavender shoes. She ran up to him.

"Hi Thomas," said Rosie.

"Uhh...Hi...Rosie," said Thomas.

"Thomas, I was wondering if..."

"Rosie, sorry but I don't want to date, I keep telling you that."

"Oh ok," said Rosie sadly, and she walked off.

Thomas felt sorry for Rosie, he liked her as a friend, but she wanted to be something, and she wasn't his type. He walked towards the the office door and knocked.

"Come in," came a voice from the other side.

Thomas entered to see the Fat Controler sitting at his desk, he was on the phone. Soon, he hung up.

"Ah, Thomas. Unfortunately, the new student is running late, so you head to your next lesson, and I'll send her there when she arrives."


He turned around and made his way to science. Soon he was at his class, before he could sit beside Percy. The teacher told him to sit on a desk by himself, much to his annoyance, while Rosie was told to sit next to Percy. The rest of the lesson was worst, he couldn't be bothered to pay attention. He looked around to see James and Emily quietly flirting. Infront of them was Percy and Rosie, both were as bored as him.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, the teacher stopped talking and everyone stared at the door. It opened to reveal the Headteacher everyone groaned and returned to their boredom.

"Sorry to desturb your lesson, but you have a new student, here she is." He said, Thomas looked at the student he was to so around. His mouth dropped and his eyes popped out.

The girl had long blonde hair, a Purple t-shirt, a Purple skirt, a Gold belt, black stockings and black leather boots. Everyone focused on the new girl, espescially the boys.

"Everyone, this is Lady," said Trevor.

"Nice to meet you Lady," said the Teacher, " Take a seat next to Thomas."

Thomas' eyes widend, Lady was completely amazing. He watched as she chuffed around the class to sit next to him. He ignored the death glares from the other boys, and the rage visible on Rosie's face. Lady reached into her school bag and took out her books for work. James and Percy began talking.

"Hey Percy," said James. she's being sexy


"How much do you want to bet that Thomas is being sexy "

Both of them quietly laughed,  Salty   continued to gase  Thomas struggled to take his eyes away, Lady was beautiful, like an angel.

Daisy thought Thomas was being sexy your right she said he is being sexy .

Chapter 2Edit

It had been an interesting lesson for Thomas, half of the time he had been doodling in his workbook and being sexy , and the other half he had been watching Lady. She hadn't said a word to him, because unlike him, she had been busy taking notes.

"She is very cute," thought Thomas, adding a second thing to his list of the great things about her.

Suddenly, the school bell rang and everyone began packing up their stuff, trying to quickly escape. Thomas decided he would try to speak.


"Yes," she replied,

"Thank you, what's your name again?"

"It's Thomas."

"Well, nice to meet you Thomas," said Lady ,

"Let's go then,"

Botth of them walked out of the class, unaware that they had been watched by Percy, James, Emily and a very angry Rosie.

"Thomas, likes her." said James

"No doubt about it" said Emily

How cute you are  Thomas said Rosie

"This is an important anouncement, today a student from America will be arriveing here" said STH on the Pa system.

This gave them a shock and got everyone in the school talking, for you see it had been 10 years since they had a student from America in the school .

"Also Rosie, come to my office please." said Sir Topham Hatt over the pa system.

Soon she was in his office.

"Ah, Rosie, later today I want you to show the new student from America around. He will have a few classes with you."

"Yes, Sir, What is his name?"

"Good run to your next class please, and his Nickname is Mays."

"What is his real name?" she asked.

"He has a name of the fameous American locomotive The John Bull" he said.

"What classes will he have with me?"

"Gym, Science, and History."

"I hope that he will help make those classes more interesting" she thought to herself. "Thomas isn't in those classes."

Soon, Rosie was in history class she was bored out of her mind, when there was a knock on the door.

"It must be the new student" said the teacher.

So she got up and opended the door, and in steped the new student. All the girls in the class stoped what they were doing and staired in aw all but Daisy.

Diesel is so cute " said Daisy to herself.

id like to go talk to him.

Diesel though it Daisy was going to do something naghty bur she didn't " .

Daisy looked around and saw all the Arry and Bert looking , wich made her smile.

"We must make friends with him" wisperd Bluebell to Primrose.


"Thomas pulled a girl quickly."

"Are those two boyfriend and girlfriend?" asked Mays.

"NO!" yelled Rosie angirly.

"Not yet anyway," said Emily. "They look so cute together."

This just made Rosie's temper even worse, and she banged her fists on the table. Causeing her plate of Mashed potatos woth gravy to launch up in the air and land allover Mays Face. The others stared with wide eyes at Mays. Daisy could not help but chuckle.

"Oops" said Rosie.

"Your in trouble now" said James.

Mays turned to Rosie. Who was quivering.

"Please dont hurt me" squeeked Rosie.

Mays reached into his jacket, Rosie thinking he was going to pull out a weapon shut her eyes and coverd her head prepared herself for what would happen, Mays then pulled out a rag.

"No need to be scared, it was an accident" smiled Mays as he wiped the food off his face.

Rosie was releaved.

"Rosie, you got to controll your anger" said Percy.

Mays then wisperd in Rosie's ear.

"Might want to check yourself Rosie" he whisperd.

Rosie looked at her skirt and saw a wet spot, she blushed and ran to the girls bathroom.

"Hey guys I'm gonna get some water." said Mays.

He got up and walked to the water fountain. Suddenly, something pushed him away and onto the floor. He looked up to see who pushed him. It was a boy with black hair, black clothing and black trainers. Everyone stared.

"Get out of the way, prick!"

"Limey..." The boy kicked Mays.

"Your in Diesel 10's way. Yank."

"Oi Diesel," Mays saw two boys with blonde hair, black shirts and yellow and black trousers. "Let us have some fun."

"Arry! Bert! Leave him! He's worthless." Said a very tall boy, with dark brown hair, a brown jacket, black jeans and black boots. But the most threatening thing about him was his left hand had been replaced with a mechanical claw.

" can't..." Diesel kicked Mays again. Diesel 10 crouched down and grabbed Mays by the throat with his claw, Mays sqawurmed in pain.

"You need to learn your place, pretty boy." Said Diesel 10 before chucking him down.

"Screw you Limey" said Mays.

The students gasped and there eyes darted to Diesel 10, Diesel 10 was not pleased.

What the hell " he said. He used his claw to pick up Mays by the throat again.

"Let me go!" he snaped. But Diesel 10 just slamed his body aganst the wall.

"Be happy your not out cold you bloody Yank" he said and released his grip.

Mays was strugeling to move.

"Arrt, Diesel lets go" said Diesel 10.

And they left, Mays got up, grabed his fadora, and walked back to the table.

"Are you ok Mays?" asked Percy.

"Yes, what's his problem?"

"That's Diesel 10, and he is someone you don't want to get in front?" said Gordon.

"He's just a bully." said Mays, everyone gave him look that said he was wrong.

"No, his thugs are bullies, you just met three of them, he has about sixteen thugs, and he's their leader cause he's the worst." Said Edward.


"His thugs are just bullies, but he has done time in prison." Said James, Mays' jaw dropped.

Over on the other side, Thomas and Lady were discussing the event.

"...and what makes Diesel 10 the worst is that he has been in prison." Said Thomas.

"So how come he's still here?" asked Lady.

"I don't know. I think it's because he's clever. He knows how to avoid being caught, most of the time." replied Thomas as he finished his lunch. "So what lesson do you have next?"

"I have double geography." she replied.

"Ok, but before we go, do you what to meet my friends?"

"Er..." Lady thought hard about it, " Sure, it wouldn't hurt."

So they went over and sat next to Mays.

"You, sure your alright?" asked Emily.

"Yes in America, I was nearly chocked to death by a bully" said Mays.

"How did you break free?" asked Rosie.

"Lets just say that he lost the right to have kids" he said.

There eyes widend, they knew what he ment.

"If you try that with Diesel 10, he'll kill you" said Henry.

"So what's you name, new guy?"asked Thomas.

"My name is Mays" he said.

Then he got up with Rosie and left. Rosie was told to show him around and that was what she was gonna do, anything to keep away from Thomas.

"Are you ok Rosie?" asked Mays.

"Yes!" she lied.

Mays was not convinced.

"Instead of chaseing after one guy, go after someone else. Keep you self avaible. Cause who knows, you may find the right guy for you." he said.

"Like that will ever happen" she said to herself.

Later Mays was walking to his next class, when he saw Diesel bullying Thomas' twin sisters. They wore matching Brown shirts with an Orange shirt underneath, Red skirts, Brown Pantyhose, Black shoes, Brown hair, and Brown eyes on there shirts was there name.

"Give me all your money" he said.

"Help us, please!!" they called.

"No one is around to hear you, so just give me your money" said Diesel.

"Hey A**hole." said Mays.

This made Diesel cross, Annie and Clarabel were shakeing.

"Come on Mays lets fight." he said.

"Get out of here you two!" he shouted while cracking his neck.

So they ran as fast as they could crying. Mays and Diesel fought each other, a large crowd gathered before a teacher came to break it up. He gave Mays a warning and put Diesel in detention.

"You will get your's soon enough" snareld Diesel.

"Like that will happen!!" he shouted.

Later Mays was reading in the Library when Annie and Clarabel came up to him.

"We want to say thanks for helping us" said Annie.

"We were also wandering if we can become your friends?" Clarabel asked.

"Sure" said Mays.

"Also, Thomas wants to talk with you after school" said Clarabel.

"We got to get going, come on Sis" said Annie. but Lady is freekin gouges

"Right behind you" said Clarabel.

Soon, school had ended and Thomas and Mays started talking.

"Thanks for helping my sisters," said Thomas.

"Your welcome," replied Mays.

"But do yourself a favour, don't start picking fights with Diesel 10 and his thugs."

"Don't worry, I can handle them," boasted Mays.

"You might think that, but you are not like them, don't become like them."

Chapter 3Edit

The next few weeks had been excellent for Thomas, mainly because most of the time he had been spending it with Lady, though he had also spending his time with his other friends. Oddly, she had been very distant from his friends, he had tried asking her what was wrong, but she had yet to tell. It was the last week of term, and when term was finished. Edward was hosting a massive hallowen party at his home. Everyone loved his party's especially his stories.

"Tell me what is bothering you?" said thomas.

Lady still did not say, just then Edward came up to him.

"Are you guys looking forward to the party this weekend? I've got a wizards costume."

"I can't wait Edward," said Lady, before leaving.

Thomas sighed, he couldn't figure out what was wrong, but he wasn't going to give up.

"Why is she so distant from my friends?" He wondered.

Meanwhile Bluebell and Primrose were walking to class, when Arry and Bert jumped them what the hell are you doingthey asked.

"Let us go!" she shouted, but they did not listen.

"Diesel 10 want's to talk with you." said Arry.

"What for?" demanded Primrose.

"You'll see" said Bert.

Soon, they brought them before Diesel 10 and all of his thugs.

"You two are going to do our homework," demanded Diesel 10, "Splogde!"

Two twin boys carrying large piles of paper dropped them in front of the girls.

"What if we don't do it?" replied Bluebell.

"That's for the boys to decide." said Diesel 10.

The girls stared at Diesel 10's thugs, who were checking out their bodies.

"Fine, we'll do it." said Primrose

"Good, let them go," demanded Diesel 10, his thugs did as they were told. The girls picked up the piles of homework and went home.

"Why cant you call us by are names?" asked Slpater.

"Havent i told you already that i ain't got time to say both names" said Diesel 10.

Soon, the school term was up and it was the half-term break, meaning a week with no school, but plenty of homework. Thomas was going to meet up with his friends not far from Edward's house. He was wearing a mondern vampire costume, which included a black leather trench coat, black trousers and shirt, black boots, finished off with fangs, white face paint and he had geled up his hair.

"Time to meet my friends" said Thomas.

When he reached the corner he could see some of his friends. Percy was dressed as a pirate, Mays was dressed as Simon Bellmont from Castlevania, Henry was a mummy, James was dressed as death while Emily was an angel, Rosie had come as a nurse, which had a verry short skirt to the point of were it showed off the top of her underwear and was a bit revealing around the chest, no doubt as a way to attract him.

"Hi guys," he greeted them, "Where are the others?"

"I think they are already at the party." said Mays.

"Then let's go!" yelled Emily, before pinching James rear.

"Do those two have any public desency?" asked Mays to Percy in a wisper.

"Honestly? No." said Percy.

"Hey Thomas, i like your costume" said Mays.

"Thanks" said Thomas.

So they set off, soon they were at the party.

"Time for some fun" said Mays, as he knocked on the door.

The door opened to reveal Edward dressed as a wizard.

"Come in guys," said Edward cheerfully.

All of them went into the house, inside they could see nearly everyone from school dressed in a costume. Donald and Douglas were wearing Scotish Highlanders outfit. Charlie was dressed as Willy Wonka. Mays looked around and saw a girl, dressed as a lion sitting by herself near a window and walked over to her.

"Hello, what is your name?" he asked.

When the girl looked up and saw Mays, her heart began to beat verry fast.

"My name is Molly good lookin" Molly said.

This made Mays blush.

"Why are you sitting here all alone?" he asked.

"My date did not show up" she said sadly.

It looked like she was going to cry.

"Dont cry. Want to hang out with me tonight?" asked Mays.

Molly thought this was a good idea.

"Sure, it is better than sitting here. What is your name?" she said.

"My name is Mays" he said.

They set off, soon they were haveing a great time.

"Man you are fun to be around" she said happily.

Just then Molly had an idea.

"I have two friends i want you to meet" she said.

So Molly took him to see Donald and Douglas.

"Hey, Donald. Hey, Douglas." she said.

"Arwite, Molly, braw costume" said Donald.

"Thanks" said Molly.

"Fa is 'at next tae ye?" asked Douglas.

"My name is Mays" he said.

"Braw tae meit ye" said Donald and Douglas.

"Want to be friends?' he asked Donald, Douglas, and Molly.

"Sure" they said.

"Thenk ye" said Mays.

Thomas had broken off from the group, trying to find Lady and avoid Rosie. He had seen Salty as a pirate, Gordon as a soldier, Culdee and his group of friends from Culdee Fell were dressed as Assassian's from Assassian's Creed. Suddenly, he saw Lady, she dressed as a devil and was rather attractive. Her selve-less red leather dress was very short and very revealing around the top, she wore red stockings and heeled boots.

Thomas pushed his way through the crowd to talk to her. He could see most of the boys checking her out, causing his blood to boil.

"Lady can i talk with you?" he asked, pulling her away from the other boys.

"Sure" she said.

They started to talk.

"Lady, please tell me why you are so distant from my friends" he said.

Lady sighed.

"I...I'll tell you later, after the party," she replied.

"Fine then," said Thomas.

Soon, it was time for the best part of the night, Edwards Horror Stories! They were the best, they always made someone shiver with fear.

"Long ago, in the dead of night, was a very important goods train. It was carrying a vast amount of money, rumoured to be £60,000,000. To protect this important cargo, British Soldiers were stationed on the train. However, six people had found out about the train and it's riches, so they plotted to take the wealth. At a sharp bend on a steep hill, that was on the trains route. The conspirators removed the rail spikes from the tracks, and removed the ballast underneath. When the train came to the bend, the rails groanned from the weigth and broke. The train plowed over the end of the tracks and down the steep hill. The plotters revealed themselves and raided the train, killing the survivors and taking the money."

Everyone shivered with fear.

"However, a month after the accident, one of the conspirators was waiting at a station by himself for his train. Suddenly, a white mist roled into the station, followed by a bright light, he looked where it was coming from to see the very train he had helped to crash. The Ghosts disembarked from the train, the man tried to run but couldn't, the ghosts grabbed him and pulled him into the coach, as the driver and fireman returned to the engine. The other theives also experienced horrible deaths, from being hit by a mysterious runaway train."

"Good story Edward, but do you mind if i tell a ghost story?" asked Mays.

"I don't mind" he said.

So Mays began.

"This story is called "The Tale of Fowler's Ghost". We start are story in London in 1861 on the Metropolitan Line of the Great Western Railway. It's about a Steam engine named Ghost, her name wasn't really ghost. She was only called Ghost cause she was as mysterious as a ghost. Now Ghost an unusual- and disastrously unsuccessful- locomotive was built to run on the Great Western Railways Metropolitan line."

Duck who was dressed as Stan laurel and Oliver dressed as Oliver Hardy were interested in the story.

"This line was and is just below street level, much of it being built by "cut and cover", but some of it is in open air. There was concern about steam and smoke emissions from the locomotives."

"Why?" asked Rosie.

"Because there was no way the smoke and steam could get out. Sir John Fowler designed an engine that would not make steam for use on the London Underground. This engine was built by Robert Stephenson & Co. So Ghost arrived in 1861. She was tried on a few test runs to Hanwell Station, and failed miserably. Fowler was so furious that his engine had failed him that he had her to be sheeted up and hid. Poor Ghost was banished to a disused tunnel underground. And he publicly denided that she ever exsisted. Before he banished her, he had some of her parts striped off, manely boiler fittings. Down in her tunnel she was very angry. It was not her fault she failed, but that of her designer. She remained a mystery for many years and in 1869, whilst men were removing the rails leading to the engine's tunnel, the tunnel shaft collapsed, crushing the engine. She shut her eys as she was burried under a ton of rubble. But one night in 1871 about Ten years after she was banished, and about Two years after being crushed. A runaway engine was seen, but it never arrived at the point where the men were about to derail it, all they heard was a loud shril whistle come from the tunnel mouth."

Every one was quiet with wide eyes, not a sound could be herd.

"This happen night after night until the workmen started to talk to reporters about the Encounters, they told them they thought that the specter was one of Sir John Fowlers ideas, try as he might he could not keep it secret for long and after being pessterd by the press, he soon released photos of her to the public. Even after his death in 1898 they say her spirit still haunts the underground tunnels, so if you hear a sirel whistle when in a tunnel run for your life or else she will....GET YOU!! ."

Edward and the others were shakeing in fear at the last word Mays said. At last Thomas spoke up.

"That was a good ghost story" he said.

"Was it real?" asked Gordon.

"Yes this is a true documented story, for the engine was a a fireless broad gauge 2-4-0 Tender engine" said Mays.

"Good story Mays" said Duck and Oliver.

"How do you know this?" asked Henry.

"My grandfather used to work for the British Railways in the days of steam engines" said Mays.

Soon the party came to an end. As everyone was leaveing, Mays spoke to Molly.

"Wan't me to walk you home?" he asked.

"Sure" she said.

So they walked off, unknown to both that Diesel was spying on them.

"I will get you soon enough Mays, revenge will be mine" he said.

Meanwhile Thomas was walking Lady to her home, Rosie, Percy, Emily and James watched them. Rosie grit her teeth out of jealousy.

"Awe, they're so cute together," said Emiy.

"Hey, Emily, why don't we go to yours?" said James.

The pair of them left, with Percy struggling to prevent Rosie from attacking Lady.

"Man she is strong when pissed" he said.

"So Lady, why have you been distant?" asked Thomas.

"Well, you see, everyone is only friends with me because of my looks, not for who I am. All the boys I see are nothing more than preverts." replied Lady sadly.

"I 'm sorry to here that, you haven' know..."

Lady gave him a look of disgust.

"No! I'm not that sort of girl, even if I have a good body," she angrily replied. Thomas felt bad, he had upset her and ruined any chance of getting closer to her.

"Wait, if you don't trust boys, why are you friends with me?" asked Thomas.

"Well, you had to show me around the school, and you were the ownly guy who would look at me like a person and not a thing," said Lady, fighting a blush.

"Don't worry, my friends are respectful."

"I also am going to try to make friends with that Mays guy" she said.

"Why?" asked Thomas.

"I have never had a friend from America, and i know that he is not a pervert" she said.

Soon, they were at Lady's house.

"So thanks for walking me home," said Lady.

"Your welcome, and socalise with my friends, you'll get along well with Emily."

Both of them looked into each others eyes, and without warning, both felt each others lips press against each other. After God knows how long, Lady suddenly broke the kiss, an awarkward silence lingered.

"I...I shoudn't have done that," she said, "I've got to go."

Thomas watched Lady disappear behind her door. Sadly, he turned around and went home.

Chapter 4Edit

Christmas time had come to the island of Sodor. Snow lay all over the ground. Every one was excited. All but Mays.

"Percy, the last time I fought Diesel he said after the fight that I would get it soon enough" he said.

"It has been two months since that fight, I am sure he has forgoten by now" said Percy.

But he was wrong. Diesel was talking to Diesel 10.

"Any plans?" Diesel asked him.

"Well not at this point, because he has been stering clear of us." he said.

"But still we can not let him get away with beating on one of us" said Dodge.

By now Diesel 10 was getting annoyed.

"I know that!" he snaped.

This made the others shut up.

"I will have an idea eventualy, but until then I want you guys to sneak around and find out more info on him" he said.

Back at the School, Mays was waiting to eat lunch with Molly, while he was waiting he could see Thomas sitting by himself, he got up and walked over to him, he seemed sad.

"Are you ok, Thomas?" he asked.

"Yes," lied Thomas, unconvintly.

"Come on, Thomas, your not fooling anyone."

Thomas looked at Mays, though they were friends, he didn't feel like explaining what happened between him and Lady.

"Leave me alone," replied Thomas.

"But..." said Mays, before Thomas interupted him.

"Are you Stupid?! I said go away!" burst out Thomas angrily.

Mays was taken back by Thomas' out burst, but returned to his seat.Soon, Molly arrived, Mays jaw droped.

"Oh my god" he thought.

She had on a brown shirt underneath a yellow t-shirt, a blue skirt, yellow pantyhose with white stripes running down each side, red sandals, gold earings, a blue necklace, and a golden bracelet.

"You look beautiful today" he said.

That made Molly blush a deep shade of red.

"So were in America did you live?" she asked as they went to find a table to eat.

As they walked along, they were spied on by Emily, James, Duck, Annie, and Clarabel.

"The name of the state is Michigan, it is shaped like a mit you see" Said Mays.

"Interesting" she said as they sat down.

"Molly sure is getting friendly with Mays" said Emily.

"I hope she does not get to 'friendly' if you get what i mean" said Clarabel.

"Sister please keep your mind out of the gutter" said Annie.

Soon all 5 went to eat, after a few minnutes of talking, Mays had to ask Molly something.

"Molly I have to ask you something" he said.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Are you with someone right now?" asked Mays.

Molly faintly blushed. It made her think that Mays might want to be with her.

"No I am not with anyone right now, my last boyfriend dump me 2 years ago" she said.

"I hope I have not made you uncomfotable with that question" he said.

"Oh no you have not, i dont mind that question" she said.

This made Mays hopefull, soon lunch had ended and Mays walked with Molly to there next class witch was Gym.

"Ok, class today we are going to play dodge ball" said the teacher.

Everyone cheered.

"Mays you can be a team captin, and Diesel you be the other" He said.

Diesel grined, soon everyone had there gym clothes on.

"Mays you get to chose first" said the teacher.

"Alright, I chose Molly" he said.

"Arry, get over here," said Diesel.

"Murdoch I chose you" Said Mays.

Soon Mays had his team, which consisted of Molly, Murdoch, Rosie, Percy, Gordon and Toby. Diesels team consisted of Arry, Bert, Splater, Dodge, Mavis and Spencer. Althoe Mavis was not to keen on faceing Percy, seeing as she had a big crush on him.

"Ok here are the rules, No crossing the middle line, If you get hit below the head your out, if you throw the ball and it hits your oponoit in the head then the one who threw it is out, when i blow my whistle we will start"

So he blew his whistle and both sides ran for the balls. Mays got there first and grabed some balls. Much to Diesel's shock.

"Here you guys go" he said as his teammates each got a ball.

"Ready to get hit Diesel" said Mays as he got into the throwing position.

"It will be you that will be getting hit" he snareld.

Soon Gym class was over, and to everyone's surprise, and Diesel's frustration Mays did not get hit once in the game.

"No matter what you do Diesel, you will never beat me in Dodge ball" he said and left with Molly.

Diesel was fumeing. Gordon meanwile went to go tell a verry important person about class.

"How did you not get hit" Molly asked as they walked to there lockers.

"It just takes practice" He said.

"Any hints you can give me so I can improve my style?"' asked Molly.

"Sure I can give you some hints" he said.

Meanwhile Lady and Emily were walking and talking through the school corridor. Since Lady had gotten better at interacting with the group, she and Emily had become best friends.

"I can't wait till Christmas day," said Emily

"Nither can I," said Lady.

"Lady do you know what's wrong with Thomas?" asked Emily.

"No, why do you ask?" she said.

"Well Thomas has been upset and hostile to me and the others for along time now," said Emily.

Lady had an idea on why he was acting strange.

"I must speak with Thomas later," she thought.

"So, have you met anyone under the mistletow yet?" said Emily with a giggle.

"No, but let me guess,James carries a piece with him everywhere for you," countered Lady, causing Emily to blush.

"Emily, how long have you been dating and how did you start?" asked Lady.

"Well, when I moved here, I was nervous, sure I made friends with Thomas and that, but I was shy. Then I met James and started talking, found out we had lots in common and started dating." said Emily.

Soon School ended, Mays decided to walk Molly home. They talked as they walked along.

"I cant wait for Christmas day," she said.

"Nor can I," said Mays.

"Mays every year, the school holds a christmas party, can you come with me?" she asked.

"Sure Molly, I will make plans to be there," he said.

"At the party I will ask him to be my boyfriend," she thought.

The next day, began preparations for the party next week.

"Have you found more info on Mays?" asked Diesel 10.

"Yes, he is good at dodge ball" said Diesel.

"That is not what I ment, you IDIOTS!!" he shouted.

"Then what do you mean?" asked D199.

"The basic info, Like how old he is. Things like that" he said.

"What do you want with Mays?" asked Norman.

"He has caused me a small amount of frustration. I want to see how well an Yank Teen is at fighting for my self" said Diesel 10.

Back at the school, some students started prepareing the gym for the Christmas party.

"This will be a fun time" said Edward.

Meanwhile in the Princeiple's offiace, STH was talking to a new student whos name was Belle. She wore Red Nail Polsh, a Blue t-shirt with Red and Brass stripes and a crest on it, A black Skirt, Silver pantyhose, and black shoes.

"I am glad to be here," said Belle.

"I will have Arthur come and give you a tour" he said.

Soon Arthur was in the offiace.

"Arthur, this is Belle. She is new here and needs a tour" the princeiple said.

"Yes, Sir" said Arthur.

Belle had took a fast likeing to him. As the tour started, Diesel, Arry, and Bert blocked there path.

"Who are you three?" asked Belle.

"There three of 16 of Diesel 10's thugs" said Arthur.

"We just want to talk with you" said Diesel.

They started to move closer to them.

"Stay away from me filth!" shouted Belle.

She hated bullys, and did not want them near her.

"Stop right there Diesel" said a voice behind them.

They all turned around to see Mays.

"Arry, Bert, get the Yank!" said Diesel.

And the two ran at him. Mays just smirked.

"Bad choice" he said and steped out of there path.

"Uh, oh" they said.

The two ran by him, and crashed trying to stop.

"Grrrr... Get up you dumbsh*ts" Diesel growled.

Belle and Arthur were wide eyed.

"Arry, Bert, and Diesel, please come to my office at once!" said the Princeiple over the pa system.

"Oh, dear we are in trouble" said Mays with a smirk.

"Revenge will be mine, Arry! Bert! lets go!" he shouted and they left for the princeiples office.

Belle and Arthur could not beleve what they saw. Mays walked up to them. Not knowing that Duchess of Sutherland had watched it.

"Oh my, what a fine and brave student" Thought Duchess of Sutherland.

And she went off to find her sister Hamilton.

"Your the first person i saw to stand up to those three" said Arthur.

"How did the princeiple know?" asked Belle.

"In front of a camra we be, so Princeiple saw everything" he said.

"What is your name?" asked Arthur.

"My name is Mays" he said.

"Nice to meet you, im Belle" she said.

"Want to become friends Belle?" asked Mays.

"Sure" she said.

"Thanks for helping us" said Arthur.

The next day were the final preparations for the party. Several students were finishing decorating the hall when an excited Bill and Ben ran in.

"Whoa, slow down you two," said Bo-Co.

"THIER COMING! THIER COMING!" yelled Bill jumping up and down.

"Who's coming," asked Culdee.

"Some of this school's former legendary students," replied Ben, "We mean Turo, Mallard, The Flying Scottsman, Duchess of Hamilton, and Duchess of Sutherland to name a few."

The whole gym burst out into excited chatter except Mays, he was confused. Suddenly, in stepped Rex, Bert, Mike and Jock, followed by three tall men. And two tall girls. Everyone stared at the former students that had been legends durring their time. Mallard went over to speak with Spencer and some other's while Flying Scottsman and Turo, walked up to Thomas, Henry, Percy, James, Duke and the other students.

"Hi, as you know, I'm Scott, or better known as The Flying Scottsman," said The Flying Scottsman.

"And I'm Turo, who was the first person to complete the 1500 meter run in under 10 minutes," said Turo.

Everyone couldn't believe that they talking some of the School's greatest. Soon, Gordon entered and glared at the Flying Scottsman.

"Well, well, well," he began, "If it isn't the all 'great' Flying Scotty."

Everyone gasped and glared at Gordon, how dare he mock such a great student. The Flying Scottsman walked up to Gordon, both had serious faces.

"Oh, this isn't going to end well," said Mays.

Then, the edges of the boys lipps began to curl and suddenly they burst out laughing, and pulled together for a man hug. Everyone except Turo, Mallard, Sutherland, and Hamilton looked at the pair in confusion.

"How you doing little brother!?" shouted the Scottsman.

"BROTHER!?" shouted a surprised crowd.

"Yeah, didn't I ever tell ya?" said Gordon, "My brother's The Flying Scottsman, and Mallard and Spencer are, unfortunately, our cousins."

As everyone interacted with the former students, Turo, walked up to Mays.

"Do you have a name, or do just stand in the corner?" asked Turo.

"My names Mays, I'm from America." said Mays.

"Are you ok, you look a bit upset." asked Turo.

"Just thinking about things in my past" replied Mays.

"Well take my advice, stay away from Diesel 10 and his thugs, Their not worth for you getting into trouble" Said Turo.

"I can try to do that" said Mays.

And with that he left. Soon it was the day of the Christmas party, everyone was excited.

"So sis, who is going with you to the party tonight?" asked her Brother Murdoch.

"Mays is takeing me" she said.

"What do you have planed?" he asked.

"I am going to ask him to be my boyfriend" she said.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes, I know that he is the one for me" she said.

"Well, if he get's out of line, tell me and I'll put him into place."

"Your being rediculos" she said.

"I'm just watching your back." he said.

"So who are you takeing?" she asked.

"Palmerston ofcourse" he said.

"Dukes Sister?" asked Molly.

"Yes that is right" he said.

So Molly went off to her next class. Meanwhile Lady was talking to Thomas.

"Thomas are you alright?" she asked.

"Yes" he said sadly.

"I want to say sorry for getting mad at you" she said.

"I am also sorry for asking that question" he said.

"Thomas, want to go with me to the Christmas party tonight?" she asked.

"Sure, but aren't I supposed to ask you," he said.

Lady just smiled and walked off, later Thomas was walking to lunch when he was stopped by Rosie.

"Want to go to the party tonight with me Thomas?" she asked.

"Sorry Rosie, I am already going with someone" he said.

Rosie was shocked.

"And who is it going with you" she said gritting her teeth.

But he said nothing and set off to lunch. Rosie was in rage. In her rage she ran and tackeld Thomas to the ground.


"Get off of me!" he shouted.

Soon Mays ran up.

"Come on Rosie this is enough" he said.

He tried to pull her off, but she just punched him in the face due to her rage, Mays nose began bleeding, he pinched his nose to help stop it.

"Ow, she's stronger than me, Thomas, I am sorry, but it must be done" he said and left.

Soon he returned with a bucket of ice cold water, Rosie was getting ready to punch Thomas in the face.

"Dont you dare" he said.

"Do you want her off of you?" he asked.

"Ok then. Do it" he said.

So he pourd the bucket of water on them. Rosie shireked and jumped off shivering.

"Cold!!" she shouted.

"Thanks for that" shiverd Thomas.

"No, prob" he said.

"What was that for?!" Snaped Rosie crossly.

"That was for punching me in the face" he said. Rosie punched Mays again in the face and kneed him in the crotch.

"OW!" he yelled in a high pitched voice.

"Mays! are you alright" he said as he ran up to him.

"I think my balls blew" he squeaked

Soon the head came up.

"What is going on here" he said.

So Thomas explained what had happen.

"Mays, in future, just get a teacher, you better head down to the nurse" he said.

"Thank you, Sir" he said and limped away.

He turned to Rosie.

"Detention for you Miss. Rosie Donald" he said.

"But sir" she said.

"No buts," he said.

Rosie fell to her knees in shame tears rolled down her face. Soon School was over. Thomas was at Mays house visiting.

"Three hours left untill the party" said Mays, still sore.

"I'm surprised you can put up with the pain," said Thomas.

"Well, I can't, but if I let Molly down, I'm going to end up in hospital. Ouch!"

"What do you mean?" asked Thomas.

So Mays explained what Murdoch had said to him.

"Interesting" he said.

Then he noticed a picture frame and a picture of two kids in it.

"Mays do you live by yourself?" he asked.

"Yes, why do you ask" said Mays.

"Oh no reason. Can you tell me about this picture?" asked Thomas pointing to it.

Mays turned and walked up to the picture and picked it up.

"It is a photo of me and........."

"Yes?" asked Thomas.

"..My best friend" said Mays.

"Why the long pause?' he asked.

Mays closed his eyes remembering, and Thomas saw him silently mothing the words 'I'm sorry', he then opend them again.

"This photo was taken when me and my friend when we were kids. She was a year older then me. But when we turned into teenagers is when things went down hill, the last time i saw her was when my house caught fire, i made it out but i was to scared to save her. It is out of guilt that i moved here to The United Kingdom" said Mays.

"Oh" said Thomas.

"And if Rosie can do this to me, imagine what Murdoch can do." said Mays.

Meanwhile, Emily, Rosie, Lady and Molly were walking home.

"So who are you girls going with?" asked Molly.

"I'm going with my James," said Emily, nobody was surprised.

"Well, I'm going with Mays," said Molly.

"If he can even move" said Rosie under her breath.

"What about you Lady?" asked Emily with a knowing smirk.

"Well, I'm going with Thomas," said Lady who was blushing. Rosie tensed at hearing this.

"Ok, so does anyone have anything planned for when the dance is finished?" asked Emily, everyone looked at her with confused expressions.

"Like what," asked Rosie, who was containing her anger.

"Well, me and James have been dating for four years now, and we're both sixteen, I've been thinking about going the next step." Emily blushed like mad when she said this.

All the girls gasped.

"You in?" asked Molly without finishing. Emily nodded.

"Are you sure...your first time?" asked Lady.

"I'm sure. James... is like a part of me. I love him, more than anything or anyone."

All the girls smiled at their friend.

"Well, I was planning on making Mays my boyfriend." replied Molly.

"Me and Thomas are just going as friends, thats it." after hearing this Rosie's temper went down.

Soon night fell, Mays had arived at Mollys front door. He was wearing the same outfit that Johnny Depp wore in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

"Here goes" he said and knocked on the door.

Molly opend the door and he went wide eyed.

"What do you think?" she asked.

Molly was wearing a Victorian Style Yellow dress.

"You look stunning tonight" he said.

"Thanks, you look good too" she said.

So they set off to the party. They soon arrived.

"Ready for fun?' asked Mays.

"You bet" said Molly.

Before they enterd, Molly stopped Mays.

"Mays can i ask you somthing?" she asked.

"Sure" he said.

"Want to be my boyfriend?" she asked.

Mays was stunned, he knew that she loved him and knew what to say.

"Yes, I will" said Mays.

Molly filled with joy kissed him. Inside the hall, all of the students could be seen dancing or talking. James and Emily had their arms wrapped around each other.

"James, latter on can we go to the swimming pool?" asked Emily.

James was confused but agreed.

Thomas was waiting for Lady by the door to the hall, he was nervous.

"Calm yourself, sure you like her but she just thinks of you as a friend," he thought.

"Thomas, what are you doing?" came a voice.

Thomas spun round to see Lady in a long purple dress, with a purple head band, purple lipstick and black eye shadow.

"Lady...your beautiful," said Thomas, Lady just giggled in reply.

Meanwhile, in the Gym Diesel 10, Diesel, Arry and Bert where talking near the bleachers when they saw Mays and Molly walk in.

"Shall we move in on him?" asked Diesel to Diesel 10.

This time, Diesel 10 had enough.

"You know what?" began D10, "I don't know why I'm helping you. Your suposed to deal with anyone who stands up to you or us. If you can't sort out this hillbilly by yourself, you can leave the group."

"But D10..."

"He's your problem, not mine. He seems smart enough to avoid me, plus if he touches me, or acidently bumps into me is when he becomes my problem." said Diesel 10.

"What about the confrontation at lunch a few months ago?" asked Arry.

"I am still a bit peeved, but i will let it slide" Said Diesel 10.

D10 left the others to plot.

As the night continued, Emily quietly left and was quickly followed by James. Soon, they were at the swimming pool. Before James ask why they were here Emily vanished into the girls changing room. When she came out, she was wearing a green bikini that was obviously to small for her. James just stared in amazment.

"Like what you see?" asked Emly flirtoiusly. James just nodded.

"Here," said Emily passing him his red trunks, "get changed."

"How...Never mind," said James as he left to get changed.

When he was finished he found Emily swimming around the pool, so he jumped in to join her. They enjoyed swimming around for half an hour. Soon, they sat at the edge of the pool, both huddled up together.

"Well, that was fun," said James. Emily smirked.

"The funs just about to begin," she said, sliding into the water, James followed.

With her back facing him, Emily undone her bikini top and placed on the poolside. She turned around to face James without bothering to cover her breasts. Emily giggled at her speechless boyfriend. Gently, she forced her lips against James', and grabbed his hands and placed them on her exposed breasts.

"James, tonight i want you to have my innocence." said Emily after breaking the kiss.

"Then you can mine," said James, before they got busy.

Unknown to both of them, a mysterious figure spyed on them from behind the door.

"Enjoy it while it last, cause soon i will control you all includeing you dear friend" the figure said holding up a picture of her and Mays, she looked at it and dissapeared.

Chapter 5Edit

Back in the hall, Diesel had came up with a plan and told it to Arry, Bert, and Diesel 10.

"Kidnap that gits Girlfriend" he said.

"No," said Diesel 10.

"Why?" asked Bert.

"I want to to prove to me that your worth anything by beating the shit out of him, no tricks," he said and left the boys. When he exited the hall, he saw a figure in the shadows, reaching out with his claw, he grabbed the figure and pulled him into the light, revealing a short boy with dirty clothes and messy hair.

"You know you can't sneak up on me Scruffy," growled D10, "Just because you are in charge of those Troublesome Tramps, which is the largest gang in school, you still answer to me.

"Yes boss," squirmed Scruffy. "Sorry D10.

"Now, why are you here?" asked D10.

"I've been spying around and that," said Scruffy, and he began talking about all he found. "...and finally I saw that Thomas guy walking with that new girl."

D10 just rolled his eyes at the pointless information.

"Pointless info there. Anyway, I've got a task for you," said Diesel 10.

"What is it?" asked Scruffy.

"Make sure nobody gets any ideas about trying to take my place as boss of the school," said Diesel 10.

"Consider it done, boss," Scruffy said.

"While, your at it, help Diesel get info on that yank, Mates I think his name is, ask Diesel, he'll know,"

"Sure boss," replied Scruffy.

"Now, get out of my sight" said Diesel 10.

Soon the party was over, and everyone was heading home. Mays walked Molly to her home, soon they arived at her front door.

"Thanks for a wonderful night" said Molly.

"Your welcome" he said as they kissed.

"So how did it go?" asked Murdock who walked up behind them.

They stoped kissing.

"It was a wonderfull night" said Molly happily.

Murdock smiled as Molly went in, then he looked at Mays sternly.

"Now remember Mays, you do anything to hurt my sister. And you will lose your manhood" said Murdock.

Mays gullped, and shielded his crotch. And with that he left for his house, when he arrived he saw a letter taped to his door.

"Lets see who this is from" he said.

He opend the letter and read it.

"Dear, Mays.

I am glad to inform you that you and a friend of your choseing is invited to my New Years Eve party. This will give you a chance to meet and chat with some of my friends. Food and other goodies will be provided.

Yours truely,

Flying Scottsman."

Mays was excited and confused, so he decided to keep the letter and ask around the school for information on Flying Scottsman. As he entered his house, he was unaware that he was being watched by the mysterious figure from earlyer.

"Well, my Friend. I will soon have my revenge." the figure said and dissapeard.

Meanwhile Thomas was walking Lady home.

"I really enjoyed tonight Thomas," said Lady.

"Me too, you were completely beautiful tonight." said Thomas, causing both of them to blush.

When they got to her house, they stopped at the door.

"So Lady, if you want you can come with me to Flying Scottmans party on New Years Eve." said Thomas.

"Sure, I'd like that," said Lady, she was about to enter when she looked up, "Hey, we're under the mistle tow."

Thomas looked and blushed when he saw it.

"Yeah, well, we don't have do what your supposed to do under the..." Thomas was suddenly cut off from Lady kissing him. When she broke the kiss, both of them were blushing.

"Sorry," said Lady, " It's just that I like you Thomas."

"Well, Lady I like you too," replied Thomas, and they kissed again. Unknown to them that Rosie was watching from a near by tree.

"You are in trouble" said Rosie to herself in furry.

Soon Thomas was at his front door and about to enter when he felt a pressence behind him, Thomas turned around and looked into the darkness.

"Show yourself" he said.

"Verry well" it said.

When it steped itno the light on his porch, he saw a strange sight. The figure wore a Phantom of the Opera style outfit, with a mask that coverd her hole face.

"Who are you? asked Thomas.

"Mays Best friend" she said.

He was stunned.

"Mays told me that he last saw you was when his house caught fire" said Thomas.

"I made it out but my face was...well take a look" she said and took of the mask.

Thomas saw a most dreadfull sight wich made his eyes go wide. Her face was burned beond beleafe, the only thing not burned was her chin, eyes and mouth.

"Doctors could do nothing to reconstruct my beautiful face, and now i have come to seek my revenge on his ass" she said angerly.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Thomas asked.

"I want you to give Mays this letter" She said.

She handed Thomas the letter.

"Alright, i will give it to him" said Thomas.

She put the mask back on, smirked and dissaperd into the night. Thomas looked at the letter, it was strange, the words on the envolope spelled HATE written in blood. Thomas then went into his house. Next morning at school Mays was at his locker when Thomas came up.

"Mays, this letter is for you" he said and handed it to him.

"Who is it from?" asked Mays.

"Your best friend" said Thomas.

Mays was Scared, Thomas could see him shakeing.

"She is alive" said Mays.

"Last night she came up to me and handed me this letter to give to you" said Thomas.

Mays had to tell Thomas somthing.

"Thomas, when i got home i found this letter from The Flying Scottsman" Mays said.

"Can i see it?" asked Thomas.

Thomas looked at it and smilled.

"So you've been invited aswell, can't say I'm surprised," said Thomas.

"What do you mean?" asked Mays.

"Well, unlike Gordon, Flying Scottsman likes to by friendly to everyone, that's why he was popular in school." said Thomas.

"It also says, it will be a chance to meet and chat with my friends" said Mays.

"Yeah, he brings a load of former school friends of his, likes to introduce them to everyone," said Thomas.

"Well in that case i already have the gust i want to bring" said Mays.

"Who whould that be?" asked Thomas.

"My girlfriend Molly of course" said Mays.

"And if you want info on the party or Flying Scottsman go see his brother Gordon" said Thomas.

"I will, oh and i have a tune from my childhood i want you to listen to" said Mays.

"Ok" said Thomas.

So Mays pulls out his Mp3 player, Thomas puts the headphones on, and pressed play.

(Shining time station end theme starts)

"This is good, what is the name of it?" asked Thomas.

"Go on Youtube and type in Shining Time Station theme, i know that is what the Narrator would do" said Mays.

Hey, stop breaking the forth wall. Or I'll set Rosie on you.

"AHH! Sorry! Sorry!" he said with fear.

"Flying Scottsman must know a bit about you, otherwise he would not send that invite" said Thomas.

At lunch Mays and Molly were eating when Mays asked her a question.

"Molly, want to go with me to Flying Scottsman's New Years Eve party" he asked.

Mollys eyes went wide with excitement, she was never able to go to that party before, and now she could.

"Ofcourse" she said excitedly giveing him a hug.

After school, Mays was walking home when the figure from the other night walked infront of him.

"Hello, old friend" the figure said before grabing him by the throat.

"Relese me" begged Mays.

"I will not, thanks to you my face is ruined" she snapped.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"I cant beleve you dont remember" she said.

She threw him down and took off the mask.

"This is what i mean you pice of shit" she said angeraly.

Mays was wide eyed, tears started to form in his eyes and run down his cheak.

"I am so sorry Emmery" he said sadly and started to cry.

Emmery saw him crying and could not help but feel a bit sad. Even thogh she wanted revenge, she still had a bit of care for him.

"For now i will let you go, but i will have my revenge" she said putting the mask back on.

She was about to leave when Mays stopped her.

"Please let me explain about that night years ago" he said.

But she just pushed him aside and walked off. When Mays got home he sat on his porch thinking about what had happend.

"I promis Emmery i will make it up to you for being a coward, no matter what you do to me you are still and always will be my Best friend" he said quietly.

Then Molly came up, she saw mays was upset.

"What is wrong boyfriend?" asked Molly.

"Molly there is a story i must tell you" he said.

So Mays explaind what had happend so far.

"Mays no matter what you did in the past, i will still love you" she said.

"To find out what happen to her hits me hard on the inside" he said.

"Why?" asked Molly.

"When the fire was blazeing, i dident see her next to me, the fire got to out of controll for me to do almost anything" said Mays.

"I am sure things will turn out alright" said Molly before hugging him.

Emmery hidding in a tree saw this and growled.

"Liar! You left me to suffer and die to save yourself. If it was not for that door blowing open, i whould not have survived. Making you suffer as I had suffered is only fair," she said to herself.

She was thinking on how to get Mays back.

"Burning him on the face will be best, then he will feel the years of pain I went through" she thought.

Next day Mays was at his locker when Annie and Clarabel came up.

"We have a friend we want you to meet" said Annie.

"Ok" he said.

Soon there friend came up. She was a 14 year old girl who had White hair, wore a brownish orange shirt, a black skirt, white pantyhose, black dress shoes, had the same color eyes as Toby, and earings hanging from her ears.

"Names Henrietta" said Henrietta.

"It is nice to meet you, names Mays" said Mays.

Just then Toby arrived.

"Hey Toby" said Mays.

"I see you just met my sister" said Toby.

"Never new she was your sister, Toby" said Mays.

"Well now you do" said Toby.

"Hey Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta want to hang out after school?" asked Mays.

"Sure" said Annie.

"But what about Molly?" asked Clarabel.

"She will be busy with homework" Said Mays.

"Can i hang out with Mays, Toby?" asked Henrietta.

"I dont mind, so long as Mays makes sure your home safely" said Toby.

"Thanks bro" said Henrietta.

Later Mays found Gordon.

"Gordon can i talk to you for a bit?" asked Mays.

"Sure" said Gordon.

"Could you tell me a bit about your brothers New Years Eve party?" asked Mays.

"I see you got the invite" smilled Gordon.

"What do you.." said Mays before being interupted by Gordon.

"He said he was going to give you an invite" said Gordon.

"Oh, well...thanks" said Mays.

"How are you able to not get hit in dodge ball?" asked Gordon. "I thought that Americans were to fat and were easy to hit." Asked Gordon.

"Oh thats funny," Said Mays sarcastically, "Takes years of practice."

Just then a scared Bill and Ben ran up to them.

"Rosie is in a savage rage" said Bill.

"Here she comes" said Ben.

Mays took one look and gasped.

"Oh god she is on a warpath" said Mays.

"What is a warpath?" asked Gordon.

"Warpath is an American term for when you get so angry nothings gonna stop you, that why we say a warpath" said Mays grimly.

Soon Rosie was near. Mays whent in front of her, this did nothing to improve her temper.

"Rosie, as a fellow American i implore you to..."

But before Mays could finish, Rosie kicked him in the gut and sent him in the air, landing two feet away. Gordon, Bill, and Ben were wide eyed.

"OUT OF MY WAY!!" she roared.

"Whoa, since when did I become her punching bag? Better stop this before she hurts anyone eles." said Mays to himself.

They were speachles to see Mays get back on his feet. Mays grabbed Rosie and tried to stop her, she fought aganst his grip.

"Rosie...calm...down." said Mays.

"LET GO OF ME!!!!!!" She yelled.

At last Rosie calmed down.

"Tell Thomas i dont want him to speak to me ever again" said Rosie as she walked away.

"What was that all about?" wondered Gordon.

"Dont know, but I'm just happy to be alive" said Mays.

Next day Mays was talking to Thomas.

"I dont understand why Rosie said she does not want me to speak to her anymore," said Thomas.

"Did you do something to upset her?" asked Mays.

"I don't think so, normally she's angry at you since you threw water over her head," replied Thomas.

"Yeah, I need to start learning how to hide" said Mays.

"Why do you take things into your own hands instead of informing an adult?" asked Thomas.

Mays sighed.

"School gangs like Diesel 10's, are much worse in Michigan Middle/High School, So it is eather be known as a snich to the school students, or handle it yourself" said Mays.

"Oh" said Thomas.

At Lunch Molly was talking to Mays.

"After school, want to come over to my house?" she asked.

"What for?" asked Mays.

"My parents want to meet you" she replyed.

"Ok i guess i can" said Mays.

Chapter 6Edit

Soon Mays was walking with Molly to her house. As they got to the door it opend to reviel Molly mum.

"Mum" said a happy Molly.

"Wellcome home dear, i guess this is your boyfriend Mays?" she asked.

"Yes" said Molly.

So when they enterd, Mays was greated by Mollys father.

"It is so great to finaly meet the boy that has captured my daugters heart" said Mollys Father.

"Thanks" said Mays.

Then he heard a voice.

"So this is the worthless American" said a voice.

"Yes, Sis" groaned Molly.

"Sis?" asked Mays.

Mays looked and saw a verry tall girl, wearing a black t shirt, skirt, and stockings. She stared at him with a undoubtful look.

"What is your name?: she asked walking up to him.

"John 'The Bull' Mays" said Mays.

"Why do you walk with a cane?" asked Mollys mother.

"Well a few years ago i was involved in a car crash, not knowing what condition my leg musccels are in is why" said Mays.

"Sorry to hear that" said Mollys father.

"Oh and i brought you four cans of Vernors ginger ale" said Mays.

"What is Vernors?" asked Molly.

"It is a Michigan origanal verson of the ginger ale sine 1866" said Mays.

Mollys parents take a sip and start coughing.

"Man it has a strong kick" said Mollys father.

"My dad said it was well aged, but I didn't think it was like that," said Mays, before going into a coughing fit.

The next morning, Thomas was to the park with Lady, his girlfirend. Though now a couple, they had chosen to keep a secret for the moment. There was still thick snow on the ground and it was nearly New Years Eve.

"Nearly the New Year Party," said Thomas, "Would you like to come with me?"

"Yes, love," said Lady with a giggle, Thomas blushed, as Lady moved in to kiss him on the lips. Soon, they were at the park.

"The park is lovely" said Lady.

The pair walked through the snow holding hands, talking about stuff in their lives and about school. Soon, they had a small snowball fight before making a snowman together. When they were finished, they saw Mays over by the pond.

"Hey, Mays" called Lady.

But he did not respond.

"Mays!!" called Lady Again.

Still no response. It wasn't untill they got close that he responded.

"Hey Thomas, Hey Lady" said Mays.

"Why didn't you respond the first time Lady called your name?" asked Thomas.

"I was just thinking of stuff from back home," he replied.

The three friends decided to go home, as they exited the Park, Lady saw a poster on the gate.

"Hey guys," she called the boys over.

"What is it Lady?" asked Thomas.

"There's going to be an ice-skating rink in the park this weekend," said Lady, "why don't we go?"

"No thanks," said Mays, "I spend more time slipping, sliding and falling down more than skating."

"Oh don't be a wet blanket," moaned Lady, "It will be fun."

"Fine, you win," sighed Mays, giving in to defeat. "I just know I'm gonna regret this."

Then Mays saw an arrow comeing at them.

"Get down you guys" said Mays.

They ducked as the arrow wized over there heads and stuck in a tree near by.

"Thanks for the warning" said Lady.

They walked over to the tree.

"Look there is a note tied to it" said Thomas.

Mays took the note, opend it and felt a bit of fear.

"Dear Mays,

You and me in the park at the ice rink, when they have it. Oh and lets say it will be FUN.



Lady looked at Mays and could tell he was upset.

"My friend, can you tell me who this Emmery is?" asked Lady to Mays.

Mays Sighed, sadly.

"I can, let my memories take you back 5 years ago" said Mays.

(Flashback starts)

'Emmery is my bestfriend, we did a lot of things together, one day we were watching tv at my house when the fire started'.

"Come on Mays, lest watch something else" said Emmery.

"Ok" said Mays.

'Just as i grabed the remote i smelled smoke, and in an instent smoke filled the house'.

"Emmery, stay low and get to the open" said Mays.

'She did not reply'.

"Mays!!!!" she called before coughing.

'When i got out, Flames started comeing from the windows'.

"Emmery!!!" i shouted as tears ran down my face.

'The fire department arrived soon, and started fighting the fire. I just got done yanking the back door off, when a fireman grabed me'.

"This is not the time" he said.

"EMMERY!!!!!!" yelled Mays.

'I was emotionaly destroyed for a long time after'

(Flashback Ends)

"And untill a few days ago i thought she died in the fire" said Mays sadly.

Lady was stunnded, just as Thomas was.

"At least we will have fun at Gordons Brother's New Years Eve Party tomorrow" said Thomas.

"Hello, bestfriend" said a voice from behind them.

They turned there heads and saw Emmery.

"Emmery, what are you doing here?" asked Mays.

"So this is Emmery?" asked Lady.

Yes, My name is Emmery, i can tell he told you about the fire that messed up my face" She said.

"Messed up Face?" asked Lady.

Emmery sighed and took of the Mask, Ladys eyes went wide.

"Oh My God" said Lady.

"And soon Mays your face will end up like mine, soon you will be put through the years of pain, hidding, fear, and humility that i went through" said Emmery putting the mask back on.

"Emmery, just remember no matter what you do to me, in my eyes your still my best friend" said Mays.

Emmery grunted.

"Whould a friend just abandon you in a rageing fire, left to just die" said Emmery darkly.

She left. Next day was New Years Eve.

"Well not much longer till the party" said Mays to Molly.

"I can't wait" said Molly.

Soon it the night of the party, Mays had arived at Mollys house.

"Lets get started" said Mays.

He knocked on the door, and when Molly opend it, Mays jaw dropped.

She wore a Yellow t shirt, and Blue jeans, Sneakers, and a pair of earings.

"Ready?" asked Molly.

"Yes" said Mays.

So they left, when they arrived at Flying Scotsman's house it was huge.

Then the front door opend, and out steped Flying Scotsman.

"Come in my friends, and enjoy the party" said Flying Scotsman.

So they enterd. They could see people dancing to the music, eating and drink by the table full of food and drinks, or talking in groups. Molly left to go talk to some friends while Mays spoke to Flying Scotsman. As they were talking, they saw City of Turo apporach them

"Hey Turo" said Flying Scotsman.

"Hey Scotsman, Hey Mays" said Turo

The three friends were talking amonst themselves, until Scotsman left.

"Glad to see your not standing in the corner this time," said Turo with a laugh.

"Very funny," replied Mays, who chuckled in return.

"So, what's your real name?" asked Turo.

"Its John Mays."

"So why are to called Mays?"asked Turo.

"Mays became my nickname and I liked it." 

Soon Flying Scotsman returned, and lead over to the others. Mays saw some people he didn't know."

"Mays, this is Duchess of Hamilton, Duchess of Sutherland, Bittern, and Union of South Africa" said Flying Scottsman.

"Hello" said Bittern.

"Me and Bittern are Spencer's and Mallard's sisters" said Union of South Africa.

"Nice to meet you both" said Mays before doing a bow to the two.

"Same here" said Bittern.

"Mays, their not Royalty, you don't need to bow," laughed Gordon rudely, everyone glared at him.

"It's called being polite," said Thomas, "Something you can't do."

"Mays my name is Duchess of Sutherland" said Duchess of Sutherland.

"And i'm her sister" said Duchess of Hamilton.

"Everyone, it's time for the count down to the new Year?" asked Flying Scottsman.

Chapter 7Edit

As the party was drawing to a close, Mays tried to find Molly.

"Molly!" he called.

Murdock walked up to him.

"Hey, where's my sister" said Murdoch.

Mays was confused.

"I thought she was with you," he replied

Before Murdoch could reply, James walked past them.

"I saw Molly leave with some freak in a mask," said James, completely clueless.

"Now you've gone too far friend" said Mays quietly.

"What is going on?" asked Murdoch to Mays.

But before Murdoch got his answer, Mays bolted out the door.

"If you think I'm going to let you get away that easily, your wrong," said Murdock.

Soon Mays, Murdoch, and The Flying Scotsman was at the ice rink in the park, and there in the middel of the rink was Molly she was sitting in a chair and tied up in ropes.

"Mays!! Murdoch!!" she called.

Then Emmery apperd.

"So you came" sneard Emmery.

"Please let me explain about the fire..." said Mays before being cut off.

"NO!!!," she snapped. "You abandoned me to suffer just to save your ass, you did not care what happen to me If i lived or died it did not matter to you" she said.

"Thats not..."


Mays could see she was furious, and would not listen.

"Please Emmery, listen to me," cried Mays, "I didn't want to abandon you, I tried to help you, but their was nothing I could do. My family moved away straight after that, and I thought you died. I hated myself for what happend, I wish I could change the past."

The sight of Mays crying hurt Emmery, but only slightly.

"Please Emmery, if you wish to make me suffer, then do so, but don't hurt Molly. Please I love her," Mays cried again.

"Love? LOVE! You, of all people, don't know LOVE!" This time was Emmery's time to cry, "Did you never wonder why I was always by yourside after so many people turned their backs to you. It was because I LOVED you, when you left me to die, my heart was broken, and I hated you for it."

Mays was in complete shock, Emmery had had feelings for him and he had been a blind fool as always.

"Emmery..." said Mays.

Then she took off her mask and threw it down on the ground.

"This face is what i have to live with now because of you" she snapped pulling out a sharp dagger.

Murdoch and Molly's eyes grew wide. Emmery then ran at him with the dagger.

"THE PRICE FOR YOU IS DEATH!!!!!" she yelled.

Every time she tried to get Mays with the dagger, he keept dodgeing.

"Emmery trying to kill me will not solve anything" said Mays.

She then started throwing fire balls from her hands.

"I can now use fire!!" She exclaimed.

Mays dodged every fire ball she was shooting at him.

"Oh, My, God!" exclaimed Murdoch and Molly.

Emmery was by now getting frustraited.

"Why wont you die!!!" she yelled.

At last she gave up. Tears filed her eyes.

"If you want her more then me, then you can have her" she said.

Then he saw Emmery cut the rope holding Molly and disappear. Molly ran across the ice as carefully as she could towards them. Murdoch reached out and pulled his sister into a hug.

"Murdoch take Molly home, please, i am going to talk to Emmery" said Mays.

Mudoch smiled.

"I am still your girlfriend right?" asked Molly.

"Yes, but i must try to make friends with Emmery again" said Mays walking away with Emmerys mask.

"I think i drank to much" said a verry confused Flying Scotsman.

He soon found Emmery in a tree still crying, he climbed up the tree and sat next to her.

"Stay away" she said sobing.

Mays then pulled her into a hug. This made her stop crying.

"Why dident you tell me you had feelings for me?" asked Mays.

"I was going to tell you, but that fire broke out before i could" said Emmery.

"Well, your still my friend, and iam so sorry for what happend to you. To make it up to you, you can live with me" said Mays.

Emmery smilled.

"Thank you Mays, my best friend" she said.

Soon they were at Mays house.

"Thanks for letting me stay with you" said Emmery.

"It may take time but i will try to find a person that can reconstruct your face" smilled Mays.

This made Emmery verry happy.

"Thanks" she said.

"And this time i wont let anything bad happen to you" said Mays.

"It is to bad you have Molly with you, and not me" she said sadly.

Then ther was a knock on the door, Mays answerd it to find Rosie.

"What are you doing here this late at night?" asked Mays.

"Mays, i want to say sorry for hitting on you" said Rosie.

He smilled.

"Come on in Rosie, i have a friend i want you to meet" said Mays.

So when Rosie walked in Emmery greeted her.

"Hello" said Emmery.

"Rosie, my friend like you and me is from America" said Mays.

"Me, and Mays lived in Michigan" said Emmery.

"Pennsylvaina" said Rosie.

Meanwhile at Mollys house.

"I will not break up with him, brother!"snapped Molly.

"Murdoch, dont force her to break up with Mays" said their Mom.

Next day was Saturday, Mays, and Emmery, were going to see Molly, when Diesel, Arry, and Bert blocked there way.

"Well, Yank, who is that next to you?' asked Diesel.

"Names, Emmery" said Emmery.

"She must be ugly to hide her face with a mask" said Bert.

Mays and Emmery gave the middle finger to them, they were cross.

"Well let me show you then" she said.

Emmery took off the mask, and the three Diesel's gasped.

"Well now, who want to be first for fighting dummies?" asked Emmery.

"RUN!!!!" yelled Diesel.

All three ran as fast as they could. Emmery put her mask back on.

"Lets go" said Mays.

Soon they saw Molly at the park.

Chapter 8Edit

"Hey, Molly" called Mays.

Molly turned and ran happily to Mays.

"Mays, Murdoch wented me to break up with you, but i said no" said Molly hugging him.

Mays smilled.

"I will never leave you, you know that don't you" said Mays.

Then Molly saw Emmery.

"Molly, i want to say sorry for my actions towards you last night" said Emmery lowering her head.

"Forgiven" said Molly.

Then Mays saw a shadow in the trees. He ran at the shadow.

"Unhand ,me!" came a voice.

Mays returned with S.C. Ruffy being caried on his cane.

"What are you doing here, Scruffy" said Molly.

"I, uh broke my leg" said Scruffy.

oh no Said Molly

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