Stories of Sodor is an upcoming DVD.


​Disc 1Edit

  1. Thomas and the Birthday Mail (Michael Brandon)
  2. Harold and the Flying Horse (Michael Brandon with regular music)
  3. Edward Strikes Out (Michael Brandon)
  4. Thomas' Trusty Friends (Michael Brandon)
  5. Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor (Michael Brandon)
  6. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon (George Carlin)
  7. Thomas and the Jet Engine (Alec Baldwin)
  8. Toad and the Whale (Mark Moraghan)
  9. Steamy Sodor (Michael Brandon)
  10. Better Late Than Never (George Carlin)
  11. Slippy Sodor (Michael Brandon)
  12. Make Someone Happy (Alec Baldwin)
  13. Happy Ever After (Alec Baldwin)
  14. Rusty and the Boulder (Alec Baldwin)
  15. Percy's Chocolate Crunch (Alec Baldwin)
  16. Gordon Takes a Tumble (Michael Brandon)
  17. Thomas and the Special Letter (George Carlin)
  18. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady (George Carlin)
  19. The Smelly Kipper (Mark Moraghan)
  20. Bulls Eyes (George Carlin)

Disc 2Edit

  1. Fish (Season 8) (Michael Brandon)
  2. Thomas and the Circus (Michael Brandon)
  3. Long Lost Friend (Mark Moraghan)
  4. Tree Trouble (Michael Brandon)
  5. The Lion of Sodor (Michael Brandon)
  6. Thomas' Tall Friend (Michael Brandon)
  7. Spic and Span (Michael Brandon)
  8. Bad Day at Castle Loch (Michael Brandon)

Bonus FeaturesEdit

Disc 2Edit

  • Thomas' Storybook Adventures
  • James' Connect the Dots Game
  • Really Useful Engines game
  • Character Gallery
  • Down at the Station - Steam Engine
  • Roll Along sing along music video
  • Little Engines song
  • Guess Who Puzzles? - Hiro
  • Trailers - Start Your Engines and The Great Race Trailer 1 and 2

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