The Adventures Of Ruby! is an Upcoming Spin Off in 2019 Just Like Tugs and the adventures of roly the coaches.

Episodes Edit

  1. Ruby Ruby
  2. Ruby migraine
  3. Ruby bank holiday
  4. Ruby goes to vote
  5. Ruby gets privatised
  6. Ruby and Barry
  7. Ruby and browny
  8. Ruby half term
  9. Ruby Halloween special
  10. Ruby Christmas special
  11. Ruby and Lexi
  12. Ruby goes to the world Cup
  13. Ruby bad day
  14. Ruby and Diesel
  15. Ruby and Whiff
  16. Ruby morning
  17. Ruby replaced engine

Characters Edit

  • Narrator
  • Ruby (Kid Engine)
  • Emily (Mummy)
  • James (Daddy)
  • Molly (Aunty; Emily's Sister)
  • Edward (Uncle; Emily's Brother in Law)
  • Thomas (ruby friends)
  • Henry (ruby friends)
  • Roly (ruby friends and Ferdinand coaches)
  • Ferdinand (ruby friends)
  • Bash and dash (ruby friends)
  • Billy (ruby friends)
  • Sarah subwoofer (Billy girlfriend and ruby friends)
  • Browny (ruby friends)
  • Man (ruby enemies)
  • Kids (ruby friends)
  • Barry the painter (ruby friends)
  • Keith Hartley (ruby friends)
  • The old woman (ruby friends)
  • A passenger (ruby friends)
  • Troublesome truck (ruby enemies)
  • The painter (ruby friends)
  • Devious diesel (ruby enemies)
  • Annie and Clarabel (Thomas coaches and ruby friends)
  • Gordon (ruby friends)
  • Donald and Douglas (ruby friends)
  • Percy (ruby friends)
  • Mavis (ruby friends)
  • Lexi the car (ruby friends)
  • sir topham hatt (ruby friends)
  • Firefighters (ruby friends)
  • Tugs characters (ruby friends and enemies)
  • Mrs and mr frustrated old bag (ruby enemies)
  • Grande (Matthew girlfriend)
  • Kirk (ruby boyfriend)
  • Toby (ruby friends)
  • Ashima (ruby friends)
  • Smudger (ruby enemies)
  • Joseph (grande and Kirk father)
  • Kimi (grande and Kirk mother)
  • Diesel 10 (ruby enemies)
  • Grandma (Joseph mother)
  • Grandpa (Joseph father)
  • Jason (Joseph brother)
  • Mason (Joseph brother)
  • Michelle (Kimi sister)
  • Polly (Kimi sister)
  • Grandmother (Kimi mother)
  • Grandfather (Kimi father)
  • Hulk (Robert Bruce banner)
  • Whiff (ruby friends)
  • Thomas fans (ruby friends)

Characters introduced Edit

  • Matthew (Ruby's Brother)
  • Ruby's Aunty (Edward's Sister in Law)
  • Uncle (Edward's Brother)
  • Ruby's Grandpa (Emily's Mother)
  • Ruby's Grandma (Emily's Father)
  • Ruby's Grandfather (James's Father)
  • Ruby's Grandmother (Edward's Mother)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only Spin off to have Andrew Garfield voices James
  • First spin off to have crossover characters