Super Henry is an Upcoming Spin Off that will appear in November 24, 2017.

Episodes Edit

Season 1

  1. The Story of Super Henry
  2. Super Henry's Book Room
  3. The Missing Engine Tenders
  4. Oliver and the Flag Thief
  5. Little Spy Love
  6. Super Henry's Vacation
  7. Dr. Diesel's Big Trap
  8. Thomas and Super Henry
  9. Hypnotized Spies
  10. The Scrap Eaters
  11. Spencer's Big Shot
  12. The Date Nights
  13. Super Henry and the Big Ball
  14. Ashima to the Rescue
  15. Dr. Diesel gets Moved
  16. Super Henry the Brave

Characters Edit

Introducing Characters Edit

Songs Edit

  • Super Henry sung by Gordon and Samson
  • The Flag of Flurry sung by Henry, Spencer, Oliver, and Toad
  • Who's Thomas? sung by Thomas, Beresford, and the Troublesome Trucks
  • I Have A Plan sung by Diesel 2746, Diesel, Mavis, Arry and Bert
  • The Alley Tank Engines sung by Thomas, Calvin, Eddy, Wilfred, Bob, Geoffery, Lucy, and Timothy
  • Being a Hero sung by Henry, Spencer, Ashima, and Gina
  • Spider Engine sung by Henry