Thomas' Big Screen is in theaters on September 30th, 2016. Three songs where shown. It was shown 3D.

​Our Story Stops Are:Edit

  1. The Other Side of the Mountain
  2. The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead
  3. The Truth About Toby
  4. No Help At All
  5. Missing Gator
  6. Philip to the Rescue
  7. Thomas the Babysitter
  8. Salty All At Sea
  9. Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt
  10. Rocky Rescue
  11. Reds vs. Blues
  12. Missing Gator​
  13. Millie and the Volcano


  • The Great Race and Start Your Engines trailers are shown after the feature.
  • Learning Segments air before the episodes.
  • Thomas Minis commercial is shown after the feature.
  • Walmart stores have a custom card.
  • Letters to Santa clip from Tinsel on the Tracks DVD and the full episode were shown after the feature

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