Thomas' Favorite Places - Signals is a segment.


The Island of Sodor is a wonderful place, Thomas enjoys puffing, but what's this. That's right those are signals. Signals have points and lights. Engines stop and say hello to other engines and when the signal goes green engines can go. One day, Philip has to get through Gordon and he passes a red signal and he passes through Hiro and then Thomas thinks that was close, one day, Emily passed through Diesel and she has to watch where she is going and Henry arrived to meet Sir Topham Hatt. While the next morning Diesel meets Thomas to practice his shunting, Den, Dart and Paxton were still in the crates and it was the day of the Great Railway Show, Sir Topham Hatt chose Percy and Thomas raced through a red light, Ashima had to look out for Thomas and he crashed into Norman. So that's why the signals are very special for Thomas. There are so many special places on Sodor. Next time, Thomas will show us something else.

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