Thomas' Favorite Places - The High Hills is a segment.


Sodor has lots of engines, where is Thomas going? That's right, it's the high hills. Every day the narrow gauge engines work hard. One snowy day, Duncan is the humbug and Rheneas and then he saw Rusty, the the gates were frozen and then Duncan pushed Luke up a high hill. And Mr. Percival gives him a treat. One day, Samson puffed to the quarry with the dinosaurs and the narrow gauge engines laughed, Samson took Gordon's express, then Samson loaded his freight cars and he saw Peter Sam, Skarloey and Rheneas laughed. One day, Millie went to the park and saw Harvey and Samson, Harvey scared Millie and she went back to the dinosaur park and she felt silly and Harvey dropped the volcano and then they went to a bonfire and Millie took the Earl and then saw the dinosaurs. So that's why the high hills is very special for Millie. These are so many places. Next time, Thomas will show us somewhere else.

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