Thomas and James at the Cinema: Thomas and the Magic Railroad 2 2019


Joseph May as Thomas

Rob Rackstraw as James


Leo: (Narrating) Hi, I'm Leo, And I'm Going to Tell You a Story About Trains, Folks Far apart, And The Magic Railroad That Brought You Together?

(Thomas Coming Out The Tunnel and Whistling)

Leo: Every Story, Like The Railroad Past as Heros, Meet Thomas, His Our Number One Hero?

Thomas: Hello (Whistling)?

Leo: But He's Running a Little Late Today, This is the Island of Sodor Where Thomas and his Friends live. is a One End in my Special Universe?

Gordon: Good Morning?

James: Hello Thomas?

Thomas: Hello James; Edward?

Edward: Good Morning Thomas?

Thomas: Morning Percy, Hey Wake up?

(Henry as he Chuffs Under the Bridge with a Freight Train)

Leo: I Like Helping Out Here, By The Vacation as Well Sir Topham Hatt of Course?

Thomas: Well Enough For That?

(The Movie Screen is Too Fast)

James: Uh, Thomas, What Are You Doing?

Thomas: I'm Fast Forward Until We Come In?

James: But You Can't Go Out of Order?

Thomas: Who Control My Forcing Pal, I Got The Remote?

James: When Everyone is Going to Get Confused, We Got a Go Back to Begin of the Story?

Thomas: Were Not Ending Begin of the Story?

Thomas: Hello (Whistling)?

James: Yes We Were, The Whole Time?

Edward: Yes, Gordon, Even You?

Thomas: Yeah But They Don't Know That?

Diesel 10: GET OUT OF MY WAY?

James: Then Why Don't We Tell Them Our Story?

(Thomas and James Screaming)

Thomas: Hey, I Got an Idea, Why Don't We Tell Them Our Story?

James: Oh, I Like The Sound of That?

Thomas: A Little Backstage Tour, Take Him, Behind The Scene For Refeeling Him, Enterment When in the Story When in the Story?

James: Because They Don't How Did Really Worried, That Worried That You Know?

Thomas: Goodness Him Better Myself?

James: But Soon Does This Mean We Have To Go Back to the Beginning?

Thomas: Oh No James, No, We're Going Way Back, To Before, The Beginning?

Narrator: Thomas and the Magic Railroad 2, In Theaters June 16 2019, Rated PG?