Thomas & Friends Gone Mad is a YouTube adult version of the series, that frequently contains language, sexual refrences, sexual actitity, Nudeity, drugs/smoking, comedy, and violence. This series is not recomended for people under age 18.

Episodes == Season 1

101- Gordon And The Gun

102- Mr. Trotter Goes To War

103- Welcome Stafford! (adult version)

104- Racing Down The Rails

105- Toby Gets Old

106- Ashima's Visit

107- Diesel 10 And The Ghost Engine

108- Percy Gets A Girlfriend

109- Diesel kills his driver

110- Shepard's Pie

111- Emily + Gordon???!!!

112- Henry's Night Out

113- Percy Gets Married

114- Thomas And The Angry Mob

115- Thomas And The Backstreet Boys

116- James V.s Spencer Part 1

117- James V.s Spencer Part 2

118- Emily The Baker

119- Percy gets a gun

120- Stupid Trucks!

121- Thomas The Religious

122- Satan's Little Elf

123- Watch The Engines Have Sex with each other(

124- The Lord Is Within Us

125- Oh Samson!

126- Taking Over For a Day

127- Ashima and the Troublesome Trucks

128- Percy Robs A Bank

129- Thomas' Little Friends

130- Mavis Goes To Jail

131- Boy gets shot by a gun

132- Thomas and Lady's Nighttime Activities

133- Percy's Big Mistake! (adult version)

134- Thomas and the gun

135- Toby Gets Older

136- Percy Goes To Jail

  • More coming soon!

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