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The twenty-third season (going under the name of Huge Galaxy! Huge Adventures) of Thomas & Friends

first premiered on DVD on 11 January, 2019 in the UK before airing on television on February 28, 2019. It first aired in the US in 2019 on Shining Time Station (reboot), with the last 10 episodes following in 2023. All sixteen episodes were narrated by Jessica Alba in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and by Laura Bailey in the United States.

Production Edit

Season 23 will mark the Second major "reboot" of the franchise since the show switched to full CGI in the thirteenth season. The episodes will keep their eleven minute-long runtime, but will now be broken into seven minute-long stories, with an additional four minutes reserved for a variety of segments like sing-along karaoke songs, music videos or Thomas talking directly with the audience about lessons learned during a particular episode. Among many other changes, Nia and Rebecca will be removed from the Steam Team to make room for Edward and Henry.

Season 23 will be set after Huge Galaxy! Huge Adventures! The Movie. The season will be split into two halves; the first half will see Thomas travelling around the galaxy in a space ship and visiting Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Eris, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Ceres, while the second half will take place back on Earth. The season will also be released on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in Spring of 2019.

Episodes Edit

  1. Thomas On Mercury
  2. Thomas On Venus
  3. Thomas On Mars
  4. Thomas On Jupiter
  5. Thomas On Saturn
  6. Thomas On Uranus
  7. Thomas On Neptune
  8. Thomas On Eris
  9. Thomas On Pluto
  10. Thomas On Haumea
  11. Thomas On Makemake
  12. Thomas On Ceres
  13. Bill and Ben Joins The Steam Team
  14. Thomas The Building Engine
  15. Thomas and the Penguin
  16. James's Snowy Day

Characters Edit

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby 
  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Oliver
  • Bill and Ben
  • Stepney 
  • Wilbert 
  • Emily
  • Nia
  • Rebecca
  • Lilly
  • Robert
  • Diesel
  • 'Arry and Bert
  • Philip
  • Rex
  • Bert
  • Mike
  • Frank
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Troublesome Trucks
  • Toad
  • S.C. Ruffey
  • Terence
  • George
  • Max and Monty
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Mrs. Jenny
  • Fergus Duncan
  • Bertram
  • Ivo Hugh
  • Peter Sam
  • Rusty
  • Neville
  • Hugo
  • Duncan
  • The Thin Controller

Cast Edit

UK Edit

  • John Hasler as Thomas
  • Keith Wickham as Edward, Henry, Gordon and The Fat Controller
  • Rob Rackstraw as James, Donald and Toby
  • Nigel Pilkington as Percy
  • Steven Kynman as Duck
  • Joe Mills as Douglas and Oliver
  • Teresa Gallagher as Emily

Trivia Edit

  • The is Nia and Rebecca's Last appearance on the Show this Season.