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Thomas and the Magic Railroad


Robert Zemeckis
Britt Allcroft


Robert Zemeckis
Britt Allcroft


Britt Allcroft
Roger Avary
Neil Gaiman
Bob Gale
Robert Zemeckis


Ariel Winter
Owen Wilson
Alec Baldwin
Joseph May
Nicolas Cage


Britt Allcroft
Phil Fehrle


US and International releases
Isle of Man Film Commission
Legendary Pictures
HiT Entertainment
International release
Warner Bros. Pictures
Cartoon Network Movies
Columbia Pictures


Universal Studios (US)
Sony Pictures Entertainment (International)

Release date

February 12, 2019


130 minutes

Based on

The Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry
Thomas the Tank Engine by Britt Allcroft
Shining Time Station by Britt Allcroft and Rick Siggelkow

Thomas and the Magic Railroad (also known as Thomas the Tank Engine: The Magic Railroad in the United Kingdom and Germany) is a 2019 American 3D live-action/CGI animated family adventure fantasy film directed by Robert Zemeckis and Britt Allcroft based on three titled The Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry, on the television series of the character from the same name and Shining Time Station by Britt Allcroft.

The film is a remake of the 2000 original film of the same name by the same director who created the film named Britt Allcroft, but it was a box-office bomb and a critical failure from critics and the fandom of the book and the show for the plot that was changed from the original cut, terrible acting, and the editing which had made the editor shortened the time of the main character and removed the true villain when it released on 2000, which in the 2019 version, it has all the characters like P.T. Boomer, Tasha and even George from the film and not been edited from before along with the help of Robert Zemeckis after the box-office failure of the 2011 computer animated film Mars Need Moms.

It was produced by ImageMovers, Legendary Pictures, and HiT Entertainment, presented in association with the Isle of Man Film Commission, and distributed by Universal Studios in US prints and along with Sony Pictures Entertainment (who originally known as Destination Films also created the 2000 film) in US and international prints.


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Get ready to return to the magical good old days. Sir Topham Hatt leaves the Island of Sodor to the Mainland for a holiday and leaves Mr. Conductor in charge of the North Western Railway. But when Diesel 10 returns tries to destroy the lost engine named Lady, his sparkle runs out. now it's up to Thomas, Lily, Junior, and the rest of the steam gang to find her before Diesel 10 dose. will Thomas finds the lost engine? atomic puppet protects thomas lady from diesel 10 Find out in this magical action pack movie! Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!


Live-action actorsEdit

Eric Bauza as atomic puppet

There are some cameo appearances in the film like:

Voice actors of animated charactersEdit

Steam EnginesEdit





In 2003, 3 years after the original film became a box-office failure, Britt Allcroft, creator of Thomas & Friends, has been resigned from her original company which was now known as "Gullane Entertainment". After HiT Entertainment took control on Thomas & Friends, HiT revealed that its theatrical division would be piloted by a "Thomas" film. Originally targeted for late-2010 release, in September 2009 this was revised to "Spring 2011".

As of January 2011, the release date had been pushed back further to 2012 and the name of the production had still not been announced. The initial draft of the script was written by Josh Klausner who has also said that the film will be set around the times of World War II, Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi also helped write the script. On 8 June 2011, Deadline announced that 9 director Shane Acker will direct the live-action adaptation of Thomas the Tank Engine, with Weta Digital designing the film's visual effects.

Since then, no actual production has been announced, until Robert Zemeckis came in and remake the original "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" film, along with Britt Allcroft, to bring in new actors to play the characters from the original "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" film (except Alec Baldwin, in which he will reprise his role as Mr. Conductor), new voice actors to play the animated Thomas & Friends characters, video editing and restoration, audio mastering, mixing, recording, and editing, CGI animation for the "Island of Sodor" segments, blue-screen and green-screen effects for the "Island of Sodor" segments, new visual effects, and some brand new music, along with the original music from the original "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" film.


While the film is on development, Robert Zemeckis hired Alec Baldwin who previously played as Mr. Conductor in the original 2000 film, so Baldwin agreed to reprise his role.

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Visual EffectsEdit

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Post ProductionEdit

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Thomas and the Magic Railroad is set to release into theaters on February 12, 2019 in America.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad will also be releasing on VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D on the late 2019 with a new VHS, DVD and Blu-ray release for the director's cut version of the original 2000 film. Along with the 2019 film and the 2000 film's director's cut version is the Shining Time Station Volumes 1, 2, and 3 on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray.

Animated shortsEdit

The 2019 remake of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" has four computer-animated shorts which was the recreation of well-known episodes from the original television series like Thomas and Bertie, Thomas Goes Fishing, Thomas and Gordon and Down the Mine by HiT Entertainment in theatrical releases and on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray.

VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray Main MenuEdit

Here's is the sections from the VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray main menus.

  • Play Movie
  • Scene Selection
    1. Opening Titles/Meet Thomas
    2. Lily in the Big City
    3. Boomer's Return/i'am atomic puppet
    4. Diesel 10 Bothers the Steam Engines
    5. Splatter & Dodge
    6. Mr. Conductor/Lily
    7. The Legend
    8. Sir Topham Hatt's Orders
    9. Sugar in a Diesel Tank
    10. Burnett meets Boomer
    11. "I Know How the Moon Must Feel"
    12. "Where is the windmill?"
    13. George the Steamroller
    14. Calling Junior
    15. Thomas and the Troublesome Trucks
    16. Lily Arrives at Shining Time
    17. Mr. Conductor Has Another Bad Dream
    18. Boomer and Burnett at the Crossroads/Troublesome Trucks/atomic puppet and lego dimensions
    19. Sounds of Lady's Magic
    20. Mavis Betrays the Mean Diesels/Delayed/"i'ts a bird i'ts a plane no i'ts atomic puppet!"
    21. "Really Useful Engine"
    22. Mr. Conductor in Diesel's Clutches
    23. The Clue
    24. S.C. Ruffey and the agreement
    25. Traveling to the Island of Sodor
    26. Lily Meets Thomas
    27. Family Reunion/Landing into Trouble/the end is diesel 10
    28. Mr. Conductor and Lily
    29. The Truth About Lady
    30. Solving Some Mysteries/Troublesome Trucks
    31. Looking for Lily's Grandfather
    32. "It's Now or Never!"/mystery mansion mash up!
    33. The final dimension
    34. Green for Glory
    35. The Train Chase to the Viaduct/the final dimension/finale a finale b
    36. "Gold Dust!!!"
    37. 20 Years into the Future
    38. Closing Credits
  • Set Up
    • Language
      • English
      • French (Thomas et le Magie Ferroviaire)
      • Spanish (Thomas y el Ferrocarril Mágico)
      • Portuguese (Thomas e a Ferrovia Mágica)
      • German (Thomas die kleine Lokomotive: Die Magische Eisenbahn; title translated in English as Thomas the Tank Engine: The Magic Railroad)
      • Hungarian (Thomas és a Mágikus Vasút)
      • Danish (Thomas og det Magic Railroad)
      • Norwegian (Thomas og den Magiske Jernbanen)
      • Swedish (Thomas och den Magiska Järnvägen)
      • Italian (Thomas e Magica Ferrovia)
      • Polish (Thomas i Magiczna Kolejowy)
      • Japanese (きかんしゃトーマス魔法の線路)
      • Korean (토마스와 마법의 철도)
      • Greek (Θωμάς και το Μαγεία Σιδηροδρομικές)
      • Thai (โทมัสและเวทมนตร์ของทางรถไฟ)
    • Subtitles
      • English
      • French
      • Spanish
      • Portuguese
      • German
      • Hungarian
      • Danish
      • Norwegian
      • Swedish
      • Italian
      • Polish
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Greek
      • Thai
    • Commentaries with Britt Allcroft and Robert Zemeckis (with or without subtitles)
  • Special Features
    • The History of Thomas the Tank Engine
    • History of Thomas & Friends
    • Making of Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000)
      • Casting
      • Development
      • Setting
      • The P.T. Boomer scenes, featuring Lennox family and Nicolas Cage.
      • Release
    • Deleted scenes
    • Outtakes
    • Artwork design
    • Thomas and Bertie, Thomas Goes Fishing, Thomas and Gordon and Down the Mine computer-animated remake short films
    • Trailers
      • Teaser trailer
      • Theatrical
        • 1
        • 2
        • 3
        • 4
        • 5
        • 6
        • 7
        • 8
        • 9
        • 10


Main article: Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2019 film)/Transcript


atomic puppet and lego dimensions the adventures of Thomas and the Magic Railroad is rated PG for some sequences that are not too scary for children.

Outtakes Edit

Click here


  • This film has been used on the 2000 film that it was edited because this film was too scary for young audiences which the true main villain P.T. Boomer was cut, so in the 2019 film it still has P.T. Boomer. Because of this the film is rated PG instead of the G rating the original 2000 version had.
    • It also has George in the film which in the 2000 film it has been removed.
    • Plus the other engines from the television series in the story.
  • Special thanks to Britt Allcroft for the four parts of the script from the 2000 film with all the characters and even too Eddie Kennedy in fan-fiction of the plot.
  • This is the second theatrical Thomas the Tank Engine film ever created..
  • Doug Walker (who play as the Nostalgia Critic) was his second appearance in the film, his first role is the Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, which Britt Allcroft find it really great of his performance from the Nostalgia Critic's review of her first film, even though it was not as successful as the other Thomas & Friends films which are now currently direct-to-video films and/or TV specials at the time being.

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