Troublesome Railways is an upcoming DVD containing four episodes from the nineteenth season and two episodes from the eighteenth and seventeenth season.


  1. Thomas the Quarry Engine
  2. Who's Geoffrey?
  3. Salty All at Sea
  4. No More Mr. Nice Engine
  5. Missing Gator
  6. Den and Dart
  7. The Smelly Kipper
  8. The Other Side of the Mountain

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Spot the Difference at Knapford Station game
  • Match the Cards game
  • Thomas and the Shapes Bridge game
  • The Other Side of the Mountain Read-Along Story
  • Troublesome Trucks (The Adventure Begins song)
  • Songs and More
  • Guess Who Puzzles - Diesel, Den, Dart, Salty, Toby, Gator, Thomas, Bill and Ben

Learning SegmentsEdit

  • Guess the Engine - Henry, Toby and Thomas
  • Truck Trouble
  • Dot to Dot - Edward
  • Helping One Another
  • Guess the Engine - James
  • What Does Toby See?
  • Dot to Dot - Toby
  • Spot the Difference

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