Ultimate Thomas Collection is a 10 DVD box set.


  1. Best of Thomas
  2. 10 Years of Thomas
  3. Thomas and the Toy Workshop
  4. Thomas and His Friends Help Out
  5. Best of Gordon
  6. James Goes Buzz Buzz
  7. On Site with Thomas
  8. Thomas Gets Tricked
  9. Thomas' Trusty Friends
  10. Thomas and the Treasure


  • These DVDs are silliar to Totally Thomas packs.
  • This is the first and only DVD to date to feature ten DVDs.


  • Thomas Saves the Day, Trouble for Thomas, A Big Day for Thomas, Trouble with Mud, Percy's Promise, James Goes Buzz Buzz and Down the Mine are all listed twice.
  • Thomas' Anthem and Engine Roll Call songs are the same as twice.
  • Character Gallery is the same twice.
  • Character Cube is the same as twice.
  • The back cover features A Friend in Need. This episode are not on these DVDs.

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