At the Sodor Search and Rescue Center, the rescue team woke up from their Sodor Search and Rescue Home Shed dress and have breakfast.

After they wait for bell alarm for an emergency, they decided to talk and look at the seagulls fly up in the sky. Meanwhile, Belle and Flynn were over there to saw the ocean waves and the sun makes the water bright.

Belle: The sun always make the water shiny and bright.

Flynn: That because its always like that.

Belle: Flynn?

Flynn: Yes, Belle?

Belle: Do you know I like the most?

Flynn: What is it?

Belle: Spend the day with you, Flynn.

Flynn: Oh Belle.

Belle: I'm not kidding, its true.

Flynn: You already made me feel special.

They smiled each other but than the alarm ringing.

Rocky: Trouble at Bluff's Cove.

Butch: What is it?

Harold: Some little girl is drowning and current waves taking her.

Rocky: You had to save her, Captain.

Captain: On my own!

Belle: Good luck.

Flynn: Be careful.

Captain: I will.

Captain drove away with his rescue boat.

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