Wild Water Rescue is an upcoming UK DVD.


  1. Wild Water Rescue
  2. Goodbye Fat Controller
  3. Rocky Rescue
  4. Thomas the Babysitter
  5. The Other Side of the Mountain
  6. No Help At All
  7. Helping Hiro

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Determination (Season 8 song)
  • Calling All Engines! - Thomas and Gordon
  • Mr. Perkins' Storytime - Thomas and Gordon
  • The Earl's Quiz - Scruff's Makeover and Luke's New Friend, Samson Sent for Scrap, Whistle, Horns and Bells and Old Reliable Edward
  • Mr. Perkins' Postcard - Knapford Station
  • Who's That Engine? - Thomas


  • Calling All Engines is amused from Santa's Little Engine both UK and US and Tales on the Rails in the US. Mr. Perkins' Storytime and Postcard are amused from Spills and Thrills in the UK and Wild Water Rescue in the US. The Earl's Quiz is amused from Railway Mischeif in the UK and Tales on the Rails in the US and Thomas' Christmas Carol both UK and US. Who's That Engine is amused from The Thomas Way in the UK and US.

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